What’s Going Ahhhn…

It’s difficult to say if the choices are just as difficult on both Friday and Saturday. For once, both prime weekend nights are jam packed at equal volume. It’s a great weekend and some of this towns biggest names are showing up all over the roster, as well as a lot of my favorites. I may resort to multi show hopping depending on the vibe in the air, but I’ll probably pick one can’t miss show for each night and stay put. What will you choose? Check it out below, it all starts Thurday night at Shady Park and goes from there.

When & Where: Thursday, April 6th, 8pm at Shady Park
Reasons to Attend: Ghost Cat Attack is celebrating two years Thursday night and they are throwing the coolest party in town at Shady Park to celebrate. When GCA began they had a guitarist who would go on to found The Real Fits and a bass player borrowed from The Woodworks, legend has it that it was Steve Beers who named the band. Either way this is THE place to be on Thursday night and I would love if you would join me there to kick off the weekend right. Ghost Cat has been practicing ceaselessly, and they are going to have an amazing set. I just caught The Real Fits at the Quadrophoenix Single release and they were better than ever and The Woodworks always slay. I’ll see you there.
Other Details: Ghost Cat Attack celebrates 2 years of shows with good friends The Woodworks and The Real Fits- both bands helped get GCA off the ground and so it’s only fitting we party with them :)
8pm- Doors Open
8:30pm- The Real Fits
9:30pm- Ghost Cat Attack
10:30pm- The Woodworks

When & Where: Friday, April 7th, 8pm at Pho Cao
Reasons to Attend: Cool show with a classic disturbing flyer. Personal note, I need to check out Rocking Chair and The Bellwethers, because I already dig Mill’s End and Manic Monkeys.
Other Details: Set times below…
Rocking Chair 8pm
The Bellwethers 9pm
Mill’s End 10pm
Manic Monkeys 11pm

When & Where: Friday, April 7th, 7pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons to Attend: B.O.T.S., that’s the reason…motherfucking B.O.T.S. I hope this isn’t their last show and I will say that every time they have a one night only final show forever, for 96 years!!!
Other Details: B.O.T.S. is back for one night only, why not make it a party!?
we also get to play with some of our favorite bands as well! what could be better.
+Special Guest!!!
Little Brother Mojo
Heavy The Lightweight
$5.00 – $8.00

When & Where: Friday, April 7th, 6pm at Bud’s Glass Joint
Reasons to Attend: Genre really digs releasing stuff at Bud’s Glass Joint and they’ve got a split release with Snailmate to keep it uber-interesting. Add Weird Radicals and Kevin Doll to the mix and you have good reason to wade through the First Friday mess to find this gem of a show.
Other Details: 2 of the valley’s best and most ambitious groups COME TOGETHER on one radass split! come party wit us as we celebrate its release n2 the “real world.”
super-limited CASSETTES!
April First Friday!
The Weird Radicals
Kevin Doll
Comedy by Anwar Newtown and Erick Biez!
all the regular First Friday stuff Bud’s does!

When & Where: Friday, April 7th, 6pm at Shady Park
Reasons to Attend: If you’ve loved the music of Tempe at any time during the last twenty years just get your ass to Shady Park on Friday and start drinking. This lineup is ridiculously good and it’s Marc and Roni’s birthday celebration, which is always fun. Marc get’s to brag about being six years older than me for the next four months while calling me Hemingway after his third pitcher. This is going to be fun.
Other Details: The line up is…. Banana GunStrolling BonesJaphy’s DescentPistolerosSinister 7Ghetto CowgirlD.L. Marble, and EXTRA SPECIAL GUESTS!!! All proceeds go toward St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!! Shady Park Tempe Friday April 7th!!!!

When & Where: Friday, April 7th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons to Attend: This is awesome. An indie pop prom at The Trunk Space. I’d tell you more the event description below is amazing. Check it out.
Other Details: Hey, you’re pretty nice! in fact you’re too nice! You couldn’t turn anyone down for prom!!! NOW, looks like you have 5 prom dates!!! but fortunately for you, i got this whole thing planned out!!!
Do you have your ticket tho?? It’s $6!!! okay but the plan!
First, you’ll pick up your 1st date, Cesar Ruiz ( https://cesarruiz.bandcamp.com/ ), You rented a limo, right? if not, please do so! You’ll both drive to prom, talk, look deep into his eyes, maybe share a kiss. You’ll arrive at prom, hang out a little out of sight of everyone, after 10 minutes of hanging with him you’ll say, “Would you like some punch?” Cesar being the giant punch fan will agree, at this point you should sneak off to your next date!

You gotta make sure your next date Banny Grove ( https://niceymusic.bandcamp.com/album/who-is-she ) knows you are going to be late. Banny is really nice, from California, been your crush since the 7th grade, and she will understand you being late. Meet her on the dance floor, dance to a few songs, laugh, love, then say you gotta use the bathroom and run off. You may cry cause you have to leave her, but you got more dates to attend to!

You’re next date, The Darling Sounds ( https://thedarlingsounds.bandcamp.com/ ) will meet you at the picture booth. You may think to yourself “How’d I get a date with this alien obsessed lovers?” and i don’t think anyone knows. But honestly as weird as they are, you kinda like it, so you stick around for a bit, maybe kiss, talk, yada yada yada. After a bit, ask if they wanna go star gaze, they’ll agree. say you need to go to the bathroom but you’ll meet them their. and now it’s off to the next date!

Diners ( https://diners.bandcamp.com/ ) is your next date. What a nice person. Pick them up outside, bring some strawberries for them. bring them inside, dance with them (in the corner of the prom hall so your other dates don’t see you). Maybe give them a hug, I don’t know. Do you really wanna leave them in the dust for another date? Of course you do, tell them you gotta go to your car to get your skateboard, but really move onto your next date.

You’re final date, The Expos ( https://montrealexpos.bandcamp.com/ ) is the sensitive bad boy of the bunch. They will be so upset if you leave, but act like they won’t. Dance with them for a few songs, hold hands, maybe share some seltzer. And then WOW proms over. Take Them to your limo and give them a ride home.

There’s an off chance that all your dates will see you with someone else, and if that happens, ill let you bring my guitar and you can shred your way out, but lets hope that doesnt happen.

When & Where: Saturday, April 8th, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons to Attend: I’ve been wating for this show since LUAU gave me a copy of the EP in January. In fact I wrote about for the February issue of JAVA Magazine, you can check it out. The point is the damn thing is finally coming out for you to hear and have for your very own and it’s amazing and so is this stacked lineup.
Featuring: LUAU + Fairy Bones + Saddles + Huckleberry
$6 Advance // $8 At The Door

LUAU will be releasing their six song EP ‘Gone’ on April 8th! They will be joined by Fairy Bones (Art-Rock/Glam-Punk) Saddles (Desert Rock) andHuckleberry (Americana). Come out and celebrate with them!

A guitar-based indie rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.

Fairy Bones//
With their unique brand of garage/synth-rock, a captivating, high energy live show, and an ever-growing word of mouth, the quartet of Chelsey Louise, guitarist/bassist Robert Ciuca, drummer Matthew Foos and bassist/keyboardist Ben Foos have quickly become one of the brightest up and coming bands in the entire Phoenix music scene.

Desert Rock

Since forming in 2011, Huckleberry, a six piece Rock & Roll Americana band, have become a stalwart of the Metro Phoenix music scene. Their sound is built around riffy guitars, jangly pianos, slippery pedal steel and nostalgic vocal harmonies. Huckleberry’s energetic live show can drift from ethereal to raucous at the drop of a drumstick.

When & Where: Saturday, April 8th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons to Attend: You should be forced to pay for a lineup this good, but it’s completely fucking free. It would be a far easier task to list the reasons to not attend. Also, there are no reasons–this is a perfect lineup and all bands here have new sounds for you to hear.
Other Details: Band details below…




When & Where: Saturday, April 8th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons to Attend: As far as the locals go, this is a stacked lineup with Strange Lot who have released one of the best records of the year, sunlaand who are one of my new favorite bands and the inimitable Andy Warpigs. Brilliant night at The Trunk Space.
Other Details: Band details below…
Basketball shorts (Austin, TX)



Andy Warpigs

When & Where: Saturday, April 8th, 8pm at ThirdSpace
Reasons to Attend: I don’t know the bands that cancelled due to illness, but it appears to have become an all local showcase due to this. Also, it’s a killer rock’n'roll lineup. It seems like this should be happening at Rip’s, but it’s ThirdSpace all the way.
Other Details: ATTENTION!!
Due to circumstances beyond our control both Shattered Faith and The Freeze had to cancel this show. Medical reasons for both.
9pm – Dirty Hairy
10pm – Skink
11pm – Scorpion vs Tarantula
$5 Cover (all money goes to the bands)