What’s Going Ahhhn…

What’s going on? Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, Stuart, what’s not going on?!?!? This week is jam packed with amazing music every where, every night from here to well into next week. We even have a holiday of sorts on Friday to make the music drunker and more enticing. Plus, it’s May, the last moments to stand in the sun without feeling like you might die–though I know some of you are already there. Either way, it’s fine with me, because this week rocks!

When & Where: Wednesday, May 3rd, 7:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Ummm…this is a hell of a show for a Wednesday night. If you haven’t seen The Bittersweet Way in a while, you may want to check out their incredibly satisfying new direction. Add Soft Deadlines and Treasurefruit to that and you have a stacked lineup. You should enjoy the luxury of a Saturday night worthy lineup kicking it with you on a Wednesday.
Other DetailsThe Bittersweet Way mixes the perfect melodies of 60′s golden era pop music with the intensity and dreaminess of the early 90′s shoegaze scene. After taking a brief hiatus, The Bittersweet Way is back as a three piece with all new songs and a new lineup – now featuring Ehren Stonner (Treasurefruit, Quixote), Jess Pruitt (Doctor Bones, Some Magical Animal) and Jedidiah Foster.
Catch them live at The Rebel Lounge with Soft DeadlinesTreasurefruit!
Tickets are just $5, get them at Stinkweeds or online at: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1476917-bittersweet-way-phoenix/

When & Where: Wednesday, May 3rd, 6:00pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: Should you want to get your evening primed early, I recommend you stop at Pho Cao from 6-8pm, enjoy some cocktails and some righteous food and hang out with Kevin Gassman while he broadcasts his radio show. I used to hang with Kevin back in the day and we’d talk about local music and spin some tunes. He’s got some great acts featured and it’s clear he’s still keen on the local sound!
Other Details: Driving With Gass is back and live at Pho Cao restaurant every first Wed of the month! Starting at 6pm, we’ll have comedian’s Travis Thurman and Ken Boitz talk about their Concert Chronicles” followed by an open-mic segment called, The Acoustic Turnstyle, where you play one song and then get back to the end of the line! Then we’ll feature 2 bands in the 7pm hour starting with Kevin Loyd from Banana Gun then The Sara Robinson Band at 7:30. Each will perform a special acoustic set on the radio and online with facebook live. Our houseband is Mike Maleckar. At 8pm we’ll bring up the comedians for comedy set! We hope to see you out there and enjoy the free event! If you’re a band or solo artist and want to perform on the show, then please come out to Pho Cao and introduce yourselves to Gass!

When & Where: Thursday, May 4th, 7:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: I can only account for the talent of Tina Estes on this lineup, but I know that she likes to keep good company in musical regards and this is for a great cause. If you want to do something a little different and something very special, you may want to make this your Thursday destinatio.
Other Details: A Concert To Benefit Trivium School Of Music Summer Camps For Kids
May 4th at The Rebel Lounge!
With Micah BentleyTina Estes Music, Alps & One Thirteen!
Advance tickets available at Stinkweeds or online at: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1461557-concert-benefit-trivium-phoenix/

When & Where: Thursday, May 4th, 8pm at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: I caught Gene Pool on their reunion show opening for Dada and in the end I enjoyed Gene Pool’s set more that evening. They are opening this evening and I recommend you get their early just for that. The Runner-Up is the new project featuring Rusty Nail and I”m pretty psyched about that as well. Rounding out the lineup is Jay Allan and the Uncommon Good which makes this a damn near perfect evening, plus you really should have requested Friday off already.
Other Details: L’s and G’s it is time to take it downtown. The sound is incredible and this lineup is straight dirty for your ear balls. Come down with your Thursday night dance pants on, we’ll party, then have you in bed by 11… maybe. $8
Set times:
8 – Gene Pool
9 – The Runner-Up
10 – Jay Allan and the Uncommon Good

When & Where: Thursday, May 4th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: If you want the weirdest fucking May the 4th possible, just check into The Rogue Bar at 8pm and stay all night. Also, maybe pre-game and call of work on Friday. As you can see from the image above, this is an event in three acts, this is part one. For further information, please refer to the flyer.
Other Details: Yo man, psst. Got a secret. Crunkathon 2017 is coming up and we finna get CRUNK and celebrate all ya’ll doing the LAawd’s work all up in this shit.
E Alo
Scott Murray
Amethyst Seer
Lana del Rabies
Black Baptist
Lav Andula
Prism Shank
Lou Moon

More shalt be revealed.

When & Where: Thursday, May 4th, 8pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be an amazing show at an amazing venue for an amazing cause. Dadadoh, Exxxtra Crispy and Andy Warpigs–get the fuck outta’ here. Andy is in the process of slowly releasing a new record, dripping singles to us, Dadadoh is TVLife and he should still be riding high from Radical, while Exxxtra Crispy just released a debut record that I can’t stop listening to since last week. This is going to be fantastic and helps a great cause.
Other Details: All proceeds to benefit Shot in the Dark, which helps provide harm reduction tools and naloxone for injection drug users. Help combat the opioid crisis!
Exxxtra Crispy
Andy Warpigs
more TBA
Wasted Ink Zine Distro will be tabling!
$5 suggested donation, no one will be turned away.

When & Where: Friday, May 5th, 7pm at Lawn Gnome
Reasons To Attend: I’d advise hanging out at Lawn Gnome on First Friday for this free show with an amazing lineup. Plus, I’m not if there will be anymore chances to hang out at Lawn Gnome on First Friday and groove to some cool tunes.
Other Details: Free live music from some of Phoenix’s premier up-and-coming acts!
Vintage Clothes at 7ish probably
Maybe The Smiling Faces will go after or maybe The Doyenne who knows come see to find out 7:45 to 9
Ancient Egypt 9:15ish
Lawn Gnome Publishing is a used bookstore and DIY event space located at 905 N 5th St in Downtown Phoenix, AZ.

When & Where: Friday, May 5th, 7:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: I swear I heard recent rumblings of new Cockswain recordings being released, I may have been mad–but this is going to be a mad time to be had indeed. The aforementioned Cockswain with the Tornado Americana of Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers, as well as the murder blues and balladry of The Blood Feud Family Singers. This is going to be amazing, check out the drink specials as well.
Other Details: Celebrate CINCO DE MAYO at The Rebel Lounge with Cockswain and special guests Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers and The Blood Feud Family Singers! Tickets are just $5 and there will be tequila specials all night long! $3 shots and $5 margaritas with Tijuana Sweet Heat Tequila!
Find more info and tickets online at: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1466690-cinco-de-mayo-cockswain-phoenix/

When & Where: Friday, May 5th, 8pm at Shady Park
Reasons To Attend: I can only account for the power of Skink and Grave Danger here, which is admittedly mighty. Still, I think you know what your getting with “Cinco de Skullbuster” and it doesn’t really require any additional explanation on my part.
Other Details: Smoky Mountain Skullbusters, Grave Danger, Skink, DJ KateScratchFever & DJ Dizzy Daly
“Cinco de Skullbuster” shall go down in history as one of the most fun and unique ways to spend May 5th! Smoky Mountain Skullbusters are your hosts and will bring their hardcore southern punk metal excitement. Grave Danger never disappoints – their live performances “make people forget God, good manners and city ordinances”, all in good natured booze-soaked fun. SKINK puts the “Power” in power trio. To compliment these amazing bands DJ KateScratchFever and DJ Dizzy Daly will be spinning Mexican 45s and Mexican themed music before, during and after the bands. Viva Cinco de Skullbuster!!

When & Where: Friday, May 5th, 9pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: Cinco De OMFG at Pho Cao is more like it. This is some of the best straight out of a recent weekend in Bisbee with Goetta kicking off with an acoustic set. Seriously, this lineup is completely crazy and works together so well. This is where I spent St. Patrick’s Day, this may be where I spend Cinco De Mayo.
Other Details: Join us for a fantabulous night of music, food, and drinks this Cinco De Mayo at Pho Cao!
Sara Robinson Band-10pm
The Woodworks-11pm
The Psychedelephants-12

When & Where: Friday, May 6th, 8am until Sunday sometime at The Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: Here we go…it starts at 8am on a Saturday morning and doesn’t stop until 500 songs have been played by someone, somehow, before it stops on Sunday. This is great to plan your weekend days around wandering downtown and in and out or staying at The Trunk Space.
Other Details: Trunk Space turns 13! To celebrate The Trunk Space will host the 4th annual Indie 500: A race through 500 songs!
We will begin at 8am sharp on Saturday, May 6th and we won’t stop until we hit 500 songs!
The cost of the event is $10 for a wristband that gets you into the whole fest! ALL AGES.This is the most up to date list, I may update later, I may not, you may want to just check HERE
1-5: Diners
11-15: Sugar Skull Explosion
16-20: Cereal Milk
21-25: Andy Warpigs
26-30:The Mental Code
31-35: What Happened to Judy Winslow
41-45: Closet Goth
46-50: Corn Smutt
51-55: Hiccups
56-60: Language Barrier
61-65: The Blank Waves
66-70: Gimpheart
71-75: Dadadoh
76-80: Dangerville
81-85: BedBunk Boys
86-90: Peach
91-95: Wolfzie
96-100: Run-On Sunshine
101-105: End Credits
106-110: Justin Moody
111-120: The Kris Special
121-125: Sad Dance Party
126-130: Kinnikinnick (solo)
136-140: Vril Veritas
141-150: Logan and Lucille
151-155: Randy Pickens
156-160: Bear State
161-170: Human Behavior
171-180: Stephen Steinbrink
181-195: Kimya Dawson
196-200: Liam and the Ladies
201-205: Zero Degrees North
216-220: Nick Perkins
221-225: The Smiling Faces
226-230: Terminal 11
231-235: Lil Trip
236-240: Rum Drinker
241-245: Drunk and Horny
251-255: Wayward Sun
256-260: Deadsnake
261-265: Hex Marrow
266-270: Lav Andula
271-275: Daniel Fury
276-280: Aorta
281-285: Clay-Fighter
286-290: CJ Melton
296-300: Flexxx
301-305: Harrison Huffman
321-325: Dwayne and the Rock Hard Johnsons
336-340: T.O.S.O.
341-345: Seth Kasselman
351-355: Ancient Egypt
356-360: Tara Lynn Walrus
361-365: Alex Yanez & The Secret Admirers
366-370: Ben Nandin
376-380: Leika Kitamura
381-385: Raya
386-390: Mister Owl
391-395: The Invisible Teal
396-400: Mouse Dog Bird
401-405: Vintage Clothes
406-410: Moose Titans
416-420: Nocturnal North
421-425: Herbert Walker
426-430: James Band
431-435: The Doyenne
436-440: Oliver House
441-445: Rad Fucking Ocelot
456-460: Amateur Hour
461-465: Meet the Sun
471-475: Soft Deadlines
476-480: Sonny Morgan
481-485: James Dittemore
491-495: Dinosaur Love
496-500: Treasure Mammal

When & Where: Saturday, May 6th, 11am, Gotham City Comics and Collectibles, Mesa
Reasons To Attend: Ummm…this is crazy cool, especially if your a music geek and a comic book nerd. It’s free comic book day and it’s one hell of a local lineup at Gotham City Comics. This is set up on three stages and kudos to Mike from Manic Monkeys for putting this together, check out the set times and stages below.
Other Details: Free Music and Free Comics!!! Manic Monkeys with Gotham City Comics hosting 3 locations along Main Street in Mesa for Free Comic Book Day! See Discussion for set times and locations!

When & Where: Saturday, May 6th, 7pm at The Temp History Museum
Reasons To Attend: Will it be Decker the man or decker. the band? I have no idea, but I’m thinking it’s the whole band. Either way it will be a semi-mystical experience that will leave your soul open for the rest of the night where ever it may lead you. Intimate. Cool. Desert vibes.
Other Details: Come hear decker. play the finest psychedelic desert folk music Arizona has to offer. Music starts at 7PM. Free, fun and family friendly, with a Q &A with the artist at the end!
decker. @ Tempe History Museum in Tempe, AZ

When & Where: Saturday, May 6th, 7:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be an evening of emotion, of love, of amazing music and soulcrushing heartbreak. That’s how these evenings go, filled with laughter, smiles, tears, memories and meltdowns. If you ever Jason Milham or were inspired by him as a person or through his music, you should probably stop in at The Rebel Lounge on Saturday.
Other Details: A TRIBUTE TO MOON–A celebration of the life and music of Jason Milham (1987-2017). Proceeds to help Jason’s family cover expenses.
TREVOR & FOREST (OF Sundressed)
The Kris Special
and more special guests
at The Rebel Lounge
- Many have asked for the opportunity to help by giving financially to the family to help with different expenses… you can do that here by clicking the following link… https://www.gofundme.com/funds-for-memorial-expenses

When & Where: Saturday, May 6th, 8pm at The Outer Space
Reasons To Attend: It think the disclaimer below spells it out pretty well, damn this lineup is tasty for those with an open mind. Have you heard Dark Avenue by Mr. UU yet? Hell, get there just for that, but stay for Hesperus, Dadadoh, Joobs and all the others.
Other Details: Club Abstract. Hip hop music/trip hop/outer space hip hop/hardstyle/trap/neo soul/ this night will be a very intresting mix of abstract music so come with an open mind.
Dangerous God
Raay Francy
Cuz’n It
$7 at the door $5 presale online
1015 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

When & Where: Saturday, May 6th, 8pm at The Yucca Tap Room.
Reasons To Attend: Presently only two acts are announced for this years Yucca Prom which is Comic Book and Cosplay themed this year. There’s nothing more fun than getting way to dressed for early May and getting claustrophobic in the Yucca while your favorite bands play. This is always a good time and usually requires a ridiculous amount of alcohol to survive it.
Other Details: ”PROM-I-CON” :: Yucca Prom 2017
This year’s Yucca Prom will be comic book and cosplay themed! Consider it a pre-game for Phoenix Comic Con, or just a fun way to show off your love of comics and fantasy. Costume is NOT required, but there will be a costume contest for those who do dress up! Great music and drink specials as always!
featuring music from:
…plus more to be announced!

When & Where: Saturday, May 6th, 8pm at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: ROCK LIKE A GRRL has a lineup so good it makes me want to scream like a grrl. My homework before Saturday is to check out Sugar Stains, because I love the other three, especially live and if this is as perfect as I think, it’s a definite destination. Also, I’ve never heard The Darts at Last Exit Live and that’s kind of a must for me.
Other Details: Fun Bobby presents ROCK LIKE A GRRL — with The Darts,  The Venomous PinksSugar StainsCheap Hotels, at Last Exit Live

When & Where: Saturday, May 6th, 10pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: Check out the late night action at Lost Leaf for a heavy dose of weirdness and wonder. Seriously…weirdness AND wonder.
Other Details: SATURDAY May 6th at The Lost Leaf
10:30PM proto-industrial Americana quintet RPM Orchestra plays a roller coaster of genres, some of which can’t even be defined!
11:45PM polka punks Drunk & horny serenade the crowd with tales of debauchery and decadence!

Both acts share the curious distinction of being included on PHX New Times’ “9 Oddest Bands in Phoenix” list, and now you can enjoy ‘em both, under one roof, on the same night! The Lost Leaf offers many different craft beers and spirits to choose from. NO COVER, come on down!

For those arriving earlier, the 9 o’clock hour features traveling folk/blues troubadour Michael Batdorf on the stage.

When & Where: Sunday, May 7th, 9pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: It occurs to me that this year is all about foreign films and noise shows for me. That’s where I’m finding strange comfort. This is going to blow my mind on Sunday night, I would recommend you check in and get a mental reboot as well.
Other Details: neuralgia [n(y)o͝oˈraljə]
intense, typically intermittent pain along the course of a nerve, esp. in the head or face.

Lana del Rabieshttps://soundcloud.com/lana-del-rabies
Terminal 11https://soundcloud.com/terminal11
Philip Kills Dick
Not Breathing - http://www.notbreathing.com/
More info at PHXSUX.com and NONPHX.com // follow us on the social media twit shits.

When & Where: Sunday, May 7th, 8pm at Valley Bar
Reasons To Attend: LUAU, Sun System and Mute Swan from Tucson. Three reasons to attend right there. I suggest you check out their music and find out why.
Other Details: Stoked to be back at Valley Bar with Mute Swan and sharing the stage with our boys from LUAU once again!
Sunday, May 7th – Showtime is at 8 PM. Come through and let’s have a good time!

When & Where: Monday, May 8th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: I’m hoping to attend this show on Monday, which is why I’m mentioning it now and if I’m not at the show, that means I had to write one of these on a Monday, because Tuesday’s shows looked pretty strong, but I’m still in this week and haven’t looked too far forward, and at the same time I’m also in June. In other news this lineup is amazing and I would advise that you bring gifts of LaCroix for The Expos, maybe just bring money for Diners because Tyler deserves it. I don’t know. Cool show though.
Other Details: Band details below…
friendly rock and roll pop songs

moody easty coast songwriter punk

jazz inspired jazz songwriter

loud shredders – seltzer chuggers