What’s Going Ahhhn…

Getting this out early this week, because I have a ridiculous amount of writing and amazing projects to work on over the next few days. As always, I will most assuredly add more shows as I know about them, but this runs straight into next Monday as it is, so there is no lack of live, local entertainment to be had. I drive most of this from facebook events, but sometimes it seems to mess about with what I’ve put down as going or interested. There may be a major show or two missing below, but they’ll be added. It’s only Monday night and the lineup is already unbelievable so let’s get down to it.

When & Where: Tuesday, May 9th, 7pm at 51 West
Reasons To Attend: I have no real idea what’s going on with the concept of this show, but I like it a lot as well as the swirling chaos the flyer suggests. This caught my eye because of Phantom Party acoustic, but then I checked out everything else and this is the reason I’m putting this whole damn thing out now.
Other Details: WHERE’S THE BAND? Bradley Palermo has come down to Arizona for a special night at 51 West in Tempe! Come down for a fun and intimate change of pace as members of three local bands round out the rest of the bill on acoustic guitars!
Intimate acoustic performances by:

Bradley Palermo (The Sudden Passion, Femme Fatality)

Phantom Party

Zach Zimmerman (American Longspurs)

Gil Rodriguez (Ghost In The Willow, The Combat Medic)

Bradley Riot (The Blackhands)

Bradley Palermo is a veteran singer-songwriter and champion of the slogan “folk as fuck.” He is commonly known as playing in the band The Sudden Passion and plays visceral, emotional americana that relies heavily on story telling and introspection.
Phantom Party is an indie/surf band commonly characterized by their energetic live shows, bright sound coupled coupled crooning vocals and lamenting lyrics.
American Longspurs is a legendary Phoenix americana band who have been in the scene for years. They’ve managed to incoporate country, folk and indie rock music into a unique blend of americana that promotes drinking, dancing and the (more than) occasional tear.
Ghost In The Willow is a folk/rock side project fronted by Gil Rodriguez of the punk band The Combat Medic. With image-laden lyricism and gruff vocal delivery, Gil manages a kind of sorrowful yet hopeful slow dance through genres.
Bradley Riot is an LA based singer-songwriter with a voice filled with a dark and angry disposition singing emotional, moody songs with all the immediacy of punk music mixed with the intimacy of an acoustic guitar.
All Ages-Tickets: $10

When & Where: Tuesday, May 9th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: I’m just beginning to think The Trunk Space, the venue made from the good graces of a church is the place that’s actually putting on the best shows in Phoenix lately. They certainly have their pulse on the indie fringe across the country and know their stuff locally, plus it’s just all about the music and maybe one of those Hansen’s sodas they have. Check out the music links below, you’ll see what I’m saying.
Other Details: H A U N T E R is gonna be on tour from Boston, MA they’ll be playing at Trunk Space with locals Breakup Shoes, Moon To Sun, and Good Ol Joel! This show will start at 7:30 pm! Doors at 7:00 pm! 7 dollars at the door!





When & Where: Wednesday, May 10th, 7pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be a stunner of a show. Sundressed return to The Rebel Lounge, the spot where they cleaned the floor with their album release before hitting the road for tour, plus you have Daisyhead from Nashville, Fossil Youth and brilliant up and coming locals Baseline. This show will slay and it may be just what you need mid week for your punk and emo fix.
Other DetailsPsyko SteveOff The Record Booking present…
Sundressed + DaisyheadFossil Youth
with special guests Baseline
May 10th at The Rebel Lounge!
Tickets available at Stinkweeds and online at: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1453696-daisyhead-phoenix/

When & Where: Thursday, May 11th, 6:30pm at The Marquee
Reasons To Attend: Okay, the ONLY reason this is listed here is because Paper Foxes are opening the damn thing and that’s amazing because I love any permutation of Bauhaus/Tones On Tail/Love and Rockets. I’m mainly banking on Tones On Tail material here, because that’s the only one of the three I’ve never seen live in any capacity. The end all be all of it is that I want to see Paper Foxes on that enormous stage, rocking that room.
Other Details: POPTONE (featuring Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, Diva)
w/ Special Guests: Nostalghia, Paper Foxes
Tickets available at http://bit.ly/2mt93sC

When & Where: Thursday, May 11th, 7pm at Shady Park
Reasons To Attend: If you want to get down and get yourself some meat shaking blues music into your roots, I highly recommend checking out The Sugar Thieves this Thursday at Shady Park. It might be of note that Shady Park has only had a couple Thursday night shows and this one promises to be a blast. Plus, it’s Mikel Lander’s birthday, so brink some extra money to buy him a drink.
Other Details: Get ready for some good old American roots music with The Sugar Thieves! This is also Mikel Lander’s birthday celebration so come have a drink and enjoy an uplifting, and unforgettable musical experience.
21+ // FREE // Doors open at 7:00 pm

When & Where: Thursday, May 11th, 7pm at Pub Rock Live
Reasons To Attend: This is Alt AZ 93.3′s first local music showcase and they’re throwing it down at Pub Rock Live. This is a super cool event that ties in the local community to one of the biggest station in the Valley. LUAU, Divided Minds, People Who Could Fly and Barefoot will all be there and I cannot recommend hitting this show enough. Why? Because we should all want to see more push behind local talent from this direction and the lineup is amazing.
Other Details: ALT AZ 93-3 is proud to present Homegrown With Mo local showcase every 2nd Thursday of the month at Pub Rock Live!
Join Mo, LUAU, Divided Minds, People Who Could Fly and Barefoot on May 11th for ALT AZ’s 1st ever local music showcase.
Doors Open at 7pm // $5 cover // All Ages

When & Where: Thursday, May 11th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: This entire lineup is super young and super amazing. Red Tank!, Closet Goth, Doomed to Bloom and Harrison Hufman. If you are looking to make all your indie dreams come true, I’d head to Trunk Space on Thursday and stay until every damn note’s been played.
Other Details: Closet Goth is doing a little tour and this is the tour kickoff! Dance the night away to the musical stylings of:
Red Tank!
Closet Goth
Doomed to Bloom
Harrison Hufman

When & Where: Friday, May 12th, 6:30pm at Valley Bar
Reasons To Attend: How many evenings this week will I spend with Paper Foxes. Almost assuredly two. I’m not missing them at Marquee with Poptones and the lineup at Valley Bar on Friday is obscene. Literally, Treasure Mammal will be there, something will be obscene. But also, Saddles will be there and their songs haunt me on the daily. I had no clue who War Admiral were until about five minutes ago and after hearing “Hunky Dory, Jolly Roger” and “The Goat and The End of the World” and it is definitely my fucking jam. Amazing.

When & Where: Friday, May 12th, 6:30pm at The Current Venue, Glendale
Reasons To Attend: If you want some really great music and you want to drive really far to see it, I’ve got your ticket for Friday night. Alternately, if you’re in Glendale you should see this show. The lineup is stellar and I can only hope that it plays a little closer to Phoenix or Tempe at some point, I mean this isn’t a traveling tour, so I’m not sure why that would happen, but a boy can hope. Also, charity ice cream, which is the best kind of ice cream to buy.
Other DetailsThe Breaking PatternDivided Minds, The Takeover, Aaron Allen and Those Who Were There There at the new Current Music Venue in Glendale on May 12th 2017.
$5 presale, $8 doors
(limited tickets)
Ice cream will be sold at the venue with all proceeds going to support local homeless outreach.

When & Where: Friday, May 12th, 8pm at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: You can’t complain about any set that brings Sara Robinson, Sunset Voodoo, and Hostile Work Environment together for a night. Add to the mix that this is a celebration of Jimi Hendrix and his catalog and well, this thing is going to rage. I hope this is being filmed.
Other Details: On May 12th, 1967, the world was gifted one of the most seminal albums in rock music history, “Are You Experienced.” Next Friday night, Sara Robinson BandSunset Voodoo and Hostile Work Environment will come together to honor it’s legacy with their own rendition of popular songs from the album and the rest of The jimi Hendrix Experience catalogue. So throw on your favorite headband, leather vest and ripped up jeans and come get down to some of the grooviest pyschedelic music ever made!
“Have you ever been experienced? Not necessarily stoned – but beautiful…”

When & Where: Friday, May 12th, 8pm at Chopper John’s
Reasons To Attend: I need to check out the Bellwethers. I’ve been saying this for some time now. They are doing a cool thing you can read about below, in the meantime you may want to check them out. I need to check them out. I hope I read this later this week to remind myself.
Other Details: Per the Bellwethers: “We are taking a break from working on the album launch and playing a show at one of our favorite places to rock in preparation for our upcoming music video. Come have a few drinks with us, rock out to some of the tunes from our upcoming album, and give us your feedback about the songs!”

When & Where: Saturday, May 13th, 10 am at The Grand
Reasons To Attend: You read right. 10am. It runs until 3pm so don’t get to down about sleeping through it. I’m expecting to wake at the crack of noon and get my ass to The Grand. This has been my go to coffee place downtown and often between sets at shows. This is where I disappear to, get a four shot latte while the band is setting up at Crescent or Lost Leaf or Valley Bar. Their coffee is amazing, and now they have a kitchen and a fantastic looking menu. And now, music, from some of my faves…
Other DetailsE AloWOLFZiE Monthly Residency. You can expect some smooth, downtempo music to start off your Saturday right.
Majestic Dubs aka Scott Murray will be joining us to share his experimental, ambient creations.
Friends are always welcome to join the fun and jam. Just reach out to either E Alo or Wolfzie to make it happen
The Grand is a cafe, bistro & bar… so come get your drinks and your eats while you enjoy this sonic experience

When & Where: Saturday, May 13th, 8pm at The Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be a killer show. I heard a psychic predict that the world would end on May 13th. I once wrote that I wanted No Volcano to be the soundtrack to my apocalypse. Will this be the night? Stay tuned friends, I hope we’ll have time to enjoy Ultramaroon, Sturdy Ladies and JJCnV before this end of the world scenario.
Other Details: Band details below…
Sturdy Ladies
8PM // 21+ // FREE SHOW

When & Where: Saturday, May 13th, 9pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: Painting Fences had one of my favorite albums last year, I may have been late in getting to it, but when I got to it, man did I get it! They are following that magnificent album up with an EP this weekend and have arranged for a hell of a lineup to celebrate. Plus, it’s Pho Cao, which has an awesome patio, awesome food, great drinks and some of my favorite coffee in the world. Aces!
Other Details: Painting Fences will be hosting a release party at Pho Cao for May 13th for their EP “A Prelude to a Fall”
Join us at Pho Cao for a legendary night of energy and good fun! Bobby G. Entertainment will help us bring the show to the next level! Also playing will be:
Zero Degrees North @ 9:00
DWARF @ 9:50
Hostile Work Environment @ 10:30
Painting Fences and friends @ 11:30-1:30 AM
Join us for guest performances, great food, great music, and a bar that stays open until 2 AM. Make your plans now so nothing can catch you by surprise! We want to see all our friends and then make many new friends!
$10 Entry includes a copy of our EP!

When & Where: Saturday, May 13th, 9pm at Chopper John’s
Reasons To Attend: Not sure when the last time I saw Battered Suitcases on a bill, but that should make for some excitement. The Pleasure Victims are always amazing live, Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers will make you smile through good times and bad, while Kiss The Sun will be introduced. This should be killer.
Other Details: Wow, there’s a lot to that expression… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femme_fatale
In any case, let’s rock this night!!!
Battered Suitcases
The Pleasure Victims
Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers
…and introducing, a new dynamic duo, Kiss the Sun
21+ show

When & Where: Sunday, May 14th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: I like this Rogue Bar thing where they get real weird with it on Sundays. I have a feeling their going to get real weird with it this Sunday again. Check the details below and tell me I’m not wrong.
Other Details: Doors at 8pm//$5 //21+
08:15 The Invisible Teal
09:10 The Lefty Loosies
10:05 Unagi Usagi
11:00 Combust

When & Where: Monday, May 15th, 7pm at Pub Rock Live
Reasons To Attend: I’d love to catch this show, but I realize that  a week from now I’ll probably be doing this while that’s happening. Anyway, this is going to be amazing based on locals The Banter and Dirty Sunset, alone. You can read the small novella below about The Roosevelts for a better idea on them. I dig the entire lineup.
Other DetailsThe Roosevelts will be live at Pub Rock on May 15th with The Banter &Dirty Sunset! Tickets available now at Stinkweeds or online at:http://www.psykosteve.com/event/1465329-roosevelts-scottsdale/
The Roosevelts guitarist Jason Kloess muses on the birth of their name:
“It was Presidents’ Day. It was our first day in the studio. We had the songs, but we didn’t have a name. There were two of them, and two of us. – I like to think they would have been fans of our music.”
As one half of the electric duo along with singer James Mason, the two brothers – in song, not blood (though maybe beards) – carved a distinctive niche on the renowned live music scene of Austin, Texas, before their recent move to the music industry’s “third coast” – Nashville, Tennessee. Together, the songsmiths cultivated a sound that’s a little bluesy, a little bit folky, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. Sure, there’s some mandolin in there, but most importantly, it’s just heartfelt, genuine music that belongs to them alone, not any genre. When forced to give it a name, the boys will tell you it’s “harmony-driven American rock with a 70s sensibility.”
Still, some tastemakers are describing their sound as “warm, rootsy pop.” Ultimately, you might have to decide for yourself.
The Roosevelts are a “live” band if there ever was one. Their show provides a rousing, dance-worthy compilation of songs, but also features poignant tunes that scale the depth of their personality and communicate their story with remarkable power. Having a charismatic ability to connect with fans, and a delightful set of songs, concert-goers can’t help but smile – making The Roosevelts a band that music fans of any genre can’t afford to miss.

When & Where: Monday, May 15th, 9pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: The Woodworks are one of my absolute local favorites and they will be bringing you no shortage of new music this year with an awesome EP already released. The America Weather are from Nevada and they look like they rock. Bad Time for Tea are from Cave Creek and they have this song called “Pretty Girl” that is unfuckingbelievable. I can’t find an actual studio recording of it, but everything I hear in video clips will have me stalking them on social media until they have recordings ready. They’re only a duo, but wow, they have a bunch of covers, but it’s their originals that will take hold of your soul. If you go, make sure they play “Signs” as well. Hell, I might have to show up just for them.
Other Details: Doors at 8pm//$5 //21+
09:00 Bad Time for Tea
10:00 The American Weather (NV)
11:00 The Woodworks