Video Round Up: Fairy Bones, Snailmate, DaDadoh, Jerusafunk and More!

Video Still Courtesy of Fairy Bones

Fairy Bones – “No One Can Suffer Like I Can”

Fairy Bones new single has been on heavy rotation every day for nearly a month even though it only came out two weeks ago, but I can bend time. Either way, not a day has gone by that I haven’t listened to this tune repeatedly. Quick on the heels of its release to online music outlets everywhere, Fairy Bones have released a video for “No One Can Suffer Like I Can”, beautifully directed by Jeremy Tremp. If I do a Top Forty local singles this year this will almost assuredly end up in the top ten. It still gives me goosebumps every damn time they break into the catchy as hell reggae laden chorus. This video looks and feels like some next level shit for the band, which matches the song perfectly–right in line with their last two singles. The band seems liberated since they put the keyboard into storage and Chelsey Louise started picking up the occasional guitar and that sense of liberation comes through here (as well as their live shows). Robert Ciuca’s guitar is brilliant, some of his best riffs yet, while Ben and Matthew Foos form an indomitable rhythm section commanding the song. I cannot wait for the album this is all building up to that’s for sure. Of note, I think the boys in the band wear more clothing than every previously documented.



Playboy Manbaby – “Adult”

Maybe Playboy Manbaby’s next album should come out on DVD with the number of awesome videos they’ve been pumping out recently. “Adult” is the first single this year that’s not taken from Don’t Let It Be, their stunning full length released in February. This is one of two songs recently released on their eldfell EP (?). “I don’t want to be an adult, I’d rather be broke and hang out with my friends,” Robbie Pfeffer screams repeatedly as he explores the existential dread zone between leading a fulfilling life of artistic meaning (or lack thereof) and giving in to the Capitalist pressures of the world to conform, grow up, get a career. “Inside it would be killing me to sacrifice my life for stability” he explains perfectly, summing up nearly every artist, writer and musician I know, including myself. It’s damned difficult to lead an artistically satisfying life in this world and not suffer for that choice, Playboy Manbaby takes a comical, unadulterated stance on the subject here. Brilliant song produced once more by Eamon Ford, hilarious video filmed by Ryan Riggs.


Photo by Chelsea Marshall photography.

Snailmate – “The Waiter”

One of my favorite TKLB? songs eventually became one of my favorite Snailmate songs and now it’s been revitalized on their full length Love In The Microwave.  To celebrate Indy Prince directed a video for “The Waiter” and yes, it’s a completely different version than found on their Escargot EP. It’s like fucking Snailmate Christmas in June! It’s got a smoother groove, damn near approaching a jazzy rendition. It’s still brilliant as ever and the video highlighting an anticipated performance at The Rhythm Room, as well as Kalen Lander and Ariel Monet hanging out and well, waiting.  They emerge from the green room to find an empty house and play anyway. The video is wonderfully done in black and white with the lyrics appearing throughout. If you haven’t checked out Love In The Microwave yet, you may want to give it a listen after this awesome rendition of “The Waiter.”



DaDadoh – “Lonesome”

Speaking of Indy Prince here’s another video where Prince works as Director of Photography. This time it’s for one of Dadadoh’s collaborations with Mr. UU from last year’s brilliant RADICAL called “Lonesome.” It’s a pretty low key tune on the album coming off as hypnotic hip hop, a rap equivalent to shoegaze rock, the spare arrangements are as mesmerizing as the circling, swirling vocals. It is one of the most fascinating compositions on the entire album to this day. It’s as introspective a song lyrically as it is musically engaging, questioning the scene in the midst of finding strength of the music. The video is downright cinematic and one of the coolest films offered in these selections. Shot in the Mill Avenue area of Tempe, it may seem that it’s only going to be about a homeless dude dumpster diving and surviving as he can, but it becomes a whole lot more. Also, of note, getting a sense of Indy Prince’s style in two videos is completely captivating and has me looking forward to more.


Photo by Rosie Torres

Jerusafunk – “Respect My Lust”

Two weeks ago Jerusafunk released one of the best albums of the year. The Hierophant is a flawless full length album that I will be spinning all year long and long thereafter. Where else can you get your funky klezploitation on? I’ll have a lot more to say about the album later on, but for right now let’s concentrate on the sexalicious single “Respect My Lust” and the brilliant video for it they just dropped. It begins with a religious service, but as soon as those folks are off the pulpit, it immediately turns into a 1970s style, psychedelic soft core porn b-movie with S&M and Satanic suggestion as well. This is how I like to imagine their recording process for the entire album went, with Jesus dancing the entire time. It’s an awesome vid to be sure. Shout out to director/producer Josef Henry Rodriguez especially on the retro styling and “film” effects. Hilarious, hypnotic and disturbing. Brilliant. Check out Jerusafunk Thursday, June 29th, at The Listening Room before they head out on tour!


Zero Degrees North – “The Other Song”

The first video from one of my favorite EPs of the year, The Life of Randy Randleson is more proof that the kids are all right. Zero Degrees North are some of my favorite up and comers, this song like everything on the EP demonstrated it pretty well. “The Other Song” is one of my favorites on a record filled with favorites. The video shows the teen punks in Zero Degrees North playing on the playground and eventually playing their instruments…everywhere. It’s low budget, indie as fuck and would have probably gotten into late night MTV rotation circa 1992…long before these musicians were born. It’s simply a great tune where the video is minimalist enough that it doesn’t overshadow the song. It finishes in silence with a high speed meditation on the lead singer eating an ice cream cone, because, why not?


Good Grief  – “Rum For Your Life”

The title track for Good Grief’s new full length album is also the subject of their first video. The song has this charming jangle guitar indie pop vibe that I dig, but it also rocks out at all the right moments. It’s sensibly the centerpiece of the album and a good pick for their first single/video. “Rum For Your Life” feels like an Irish fight song written by Feargal Sharkey and performed by Stiff Little Fingers if that means anything to you. This entire album has been my constant jam at work for a few weeks now and I can’t encourage folks enough to check it out. The video is pretty straight forward, documenting a house show where the band is clearly playing some other song, which is charming as all hell. So they have charming down and they’ve got great hooks and songwriting chops to back it up. Keep an ear out for Good Grief, their time has come!


Complicate Simple – “Black Rain”

I was going to tackle this a couple weeks ago, but Complicate Simple released their new, catchier single “Pretty Little Lady” nearly as soon as I fell in love with this particular tune. To be honest, while “Pretty Little Lady” is pretty great, I just think “Black Rain” is a far greater composition on multiple levels. Maybe it doesn’t have the hooks, but it’s just has a visceral drive that plays to the fantastic, elastic vocals of Michael Jon. Not only is it a fantastic song that provides more beautiful depth to Complicate Simple’s catalog, but it gets a stunning monochromatic video treatment that’s both haunting and haunted. The overall effect if pretty brilliant as your mind searches to comprehend the film while being blown away by what the hell is happening musically. Complicate Simple has the ability to do some really weird and wonderful things with their unique talents and I for one, can’t wait to hear what the rest of this forthcoming record sounds like.


Some Dark Hollow – “Be The Man”

Last year’s Destination Unknown by Some Dark Hollow was an unexpected favorite of mine last year and I was half expecting when I heard there was a video in the works that it would be pulled from that. Nope. It’s a brand new song called “Be The Man.” Some Dark Hollow makes Country Music unapologetically, but also in a very classic sense. I don’t even bother calling it Americana, though it could fit in that realm for the sake of hipness. This is country music in the vein of Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and his crew of Highwaymen, this is the kind of country music that was once as great as rock’n'roll and Some Dark Hollow somehow manage to nail that sound down. It’s a marvelous mystery how they do it, but they are purists and I love and respect them for it. Boyd Harrison directs this performance video which finds the band on stage and off playing their hearts out. It’d be pretty great if other “country” bands took some notes from these fellas, that’s for damn sure.


Charles Ellsworth – “California”

Charles Ellsworth was raised in Arizona before wandering the country as a singer songwriter, ending up in Salt Lake City, New York and other locations for longer than temporary stays. He recently released an amazing album called Cesaréa, which has become my immediate go to album when I need to chill the fuck out. The album is liberally littered with singles all over the place, but at the center of it all is a voice steeped in a richness the likes I haven’t heard since the 1970s. There’s something mystical about this guitar man’s voice and “California” is a master stroke to put that on full display. I can’t even relate how his voice resonates in my brain but it always since I first heard his music a few years ago. The video is a pretty cool lyric  concept using stock footage of presumably California happenings in the 1970s or even earlier, it reminds me of home movies. Ellsworth is returning to Phoenix this weekend to play The Lost Leaf on Sunday, July 2nd, I highly recommend you check him out and all of Cesaréa when you have a chance.