What’s Going Ahhhn…

Sorry about missing any Tuesday/Wednesday shows this week, I was taking a bit of holiday myself, I mean I didn’t do anything special, just checked out of local music after seeing three nights of amazing music. Last week I got to see Weird Radicals blow my mind, then Soft Deadlines, Ghost Cat Attack, Danielle Durack and Callie Young give killer performances the next night, then Saturday night was completely lit at Paper Foxes’ pool party with The Stakes, Hostile Work Environment, Mr. UU, The Psychedelephants and more…It was amazing, but the more amazing thing is that kind of thing happens every week here. You just gotta go out and get it. It’s amazing, that said, let’s check out what the rest of the week has in store.

When & Where: Thursday, July 6th, 7pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Want a stunning show Thursday night that will have you considering calling out Friday? Seriously, it would make this like a two day work week for a lot of people and this is just the ticket to wrap those two days up.
Other Details: Tickets ON SALE now! Check out on Facebook Divided Minds Tickets Contest too!
Join Divided Minds at The Rebel Lounge on July 6th along with Promise of Redemption Best Ex DaisyHead kozie Just Another Day (Official)
Doors open at 7 PM.

When & Where: Friday, July 7th, 7pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: The Technicolors are set to release their newest debut album this Friday at Crescent Ballroom. Overall vibe seems to be less Oasis and more Strokes, but we’ll see how that plays out. The Darts and DAISY provide support and the whole shebang starts at the very silly early hour of 7:30pm. I mean it’s July, maybe we can get there at 8pm but before that is asking a bit much.
wsg/ The Darts – US + DAISY
Friday, July 7 // Crescent Ballroom
Doors 7pm // Music 7:30pm

When & Where: Friday, July 7th, 5:30pm at The Outer Space
Reasons To Attend: Brandi will be celebrating and partying hard at The Outer Space this Friday and she’s invited a bunch of bands to worship her. It sounds fair. Check out the details below.
Other Details: Celebrate KWSS 93.9 FM ‘s Brandi Suzanne Fjeld ‘s BIRTHDAY PARTY with Ayden Flow, Rockin’Chair, Manic Monkeys, Angels & Aliens, comptalo and the facemelter jam with special guests including Kevin Michael Prier and maybe Johnny Norman!
Music starts at 5:30 sharp and ends around 9:30. Please come early- free refreshments and snacks, a cake ceremony and a face melting Jam! free admission and family-friendly for all ages featuring The Art of Diego Sandoval performed live! Part of the Phoenix First Friday facemelter Jam event at the coolest venue in the arts district

When & Where: Friday, July 7th, 8pm in Moreland St, PHX
Reasons To Attend: I never get an invite to these things, so I never know about them, so here it is…Also, GORKY!!!
Other Details: Stir It Up Records is a proud partner of Roosevelt Row in the expansion of the First Friday Downtown Phoenix Art Walk! The expansion is hosted on Moreland Street (two blocks north of Roosevelt Street near Hance Park) and begins at the cross streets of 2nd Street and Moreland Street including Phoenix Center for The Arts.


-#MusicOnMoreland Stage hosted by Stir It Up, Restore Arts & AZ Event Support
-Food Trucks (previously on 6th St & Roosevelt)
-Beer Garden hosted by Phoenix Center for The Arts
-Visual performers
-Artists and additional vendors
8-9Pm – St8-48 (Punk)
9-10pm – Gorky! (Rock)
Artists: If you would like to be considered for the upcoming First Friday #MusicOnMoreland event please email info@stirituprecords.com
Media/Sponsorships: Please email info@stirituprecords.com

When & Where: Friday, July 7th,
Reasons To Attend: A free show that involves Banana Gun, The Woodwork and Japhy’s Descent? If you love Tempe music and you want to stay on the East side…this is your ticket for the evening!
Other Details: Free Show at the Yucca Tap Room Friday July 7th! Banana Gun will be joined by our friends Japhy’s Descent, The Woodworks and The Whiskey Circle (San Diego). Show starts at 9 and goes all night, plus it’s FREE! See you there! Line up times for Friday!!! Hope you can make it!

9:15 pm - Japhy’s Descent
10:15 pm - The Whiskey Circle
11:15 pm - Banana Gun
12:30 pm - The Woodworks


When & Where: Saturday, July 8th, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: If you want to make absolutely sure that the kids are alright, I would highly recommend you check out this flawless lineup. This is some the best and brightest up and coming talent Phoenix has to offer. I’ve written about all of these acts at length and I hope they keep putting out more remarkable music to keep that flow going.

When & Where: Saturday, July 8th, 9pm at The Grand
Reasons To Attend: I could have sworn these were daytime excursions. I was set to attend this one finally, but this is at 9pm and I’ll be at other shows, because again, I thought this had been a daytime residency. My confusion aside, you should check this out and I should get my shit together.
Other DetailsE AloWOLFZiE Monthly Residency
You can expect SMOOTH DOWNTEMPO MUSIC. Musical friends joining us this time:
Clay Adams
Fugly Chuds

Ethan Barrett aka EONS will be capturing moments, snapping pics and shooting video!
Sound System Provided by E Alo & Majestic Dubs aka Scott Murray
Friends are always welcome to join the fun and jam. Just reach out to either E Alo or Wolfzie to make it happen
The Grand is a cafe, bistro & bar… so come get your drinks and your eats while you enjoy this sonic experience

When & Where: Saturday, July 8th, 9pm  at Palo Verde
Reasons To Attend: Well, this is a pure slice of amazing lineup in one of the more…interesting venues around town. This is the kind of lineup that should be selling out Valley Bar on a Saturday night, but I’ll assume it’s a DJ night there or something like that…either way, this is going to be wild night at the Palo Verde for sure.
Other Details: Saturday, July 8th at Palo Verde
Celebration Guns
I Am Hologram
9PM — FREE SHOW!! 21+

When & Where: Saturday, July 8th, 6pm at Marquee Theatre
Reasons To Attend: I had a great time at last weeks local showcase and The Pleasure Victims are showing off their wares here, so I figured I’d give the whole thing a shout out. It appears it’s going to be a “heavier” night, so if that’s your thing, this may be your wonderland.
Other Details: Local Summer Showcase featuring:

Crimson Reign
Shadow Guilt
The Pleasure Victims
Fading Nemesis

$10 tickets

Brought to you by Luckyman Concerts

When & Where: Saturday, July 8th, 8pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: Dogbreth returns home from their new home in the Great Northwest, they will be riding in on a mastodon from what I hear, but I can’t confirm it. Either way this is going to be a stellar show of touring bands converging and blurring the line on what is local and what isn’t.
Other Details: Two sets of touring bands! One great local! Wow! What a nice show!

Dogbreth (Seattle, WA)

Nice Try (Bloomington, IN)

Steady Lean (Santa Fe Springs, CA)

1080p (Walnut, CA)

What Happened To Judy Winslow? (Phoenix, AZ)

Doors at 7:30pm / show starts at 8pm sharp! / $7

When & Where: Saturday, July 8th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: If I play “musical venues” Saturday night I will end up here at some point. Perhaps, in haphazard attempt to catch Ex Supermodels or DWARF. Either way, this is a hell of a lineup to behold.
Other Details: Set times below…Doors at 8pm…$5 21+
08:20 MFAS
09:10 Scarlet 13
10:05 Dwarf
11:00 Ex Supermodels
11:55 Port Alice (NM)

When & Where: Sunday, July 9th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: This looks damn near identical to the lineup at Brandi’s Birthday party from Friday, so if you missed that and want to catch it with the plus of it being a charity benefit, have at it!
Other Details: Band details below…Doors at 8pm …$5 -21+

08:00 Kevin Prier
08:30 Zackary O’Meara
09:00 Comptalo
09:30 Led Chainz
10:00 Manic Monkeys
11:00 Angels amd Aliens