What’s Going Ahhhn…

I’m slamming as many shows into this thing as possible, because lately when I make plans the Universe says, no, no, no, just relax or I’ll make you relax. Either way this starts now and goes all the way to next Tuesday to include a couple of shows I wanted to highlight early on next week. I have a lot of writing to unleash this week that I’ve had stored up for a week or two, so hopefully this deluge will make sense in retrospect. It’s a hell of a week for shows, that’s for sure.

When & Where: Tuesday, July 18th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: I need to check out The Flusters, if for no other reason than that they have a stacked local lineup supporting them. Emby Alexander, Cheap Hotels and The Real Fits would make a great showcase all their own, add a touring band to the mix and there will probably be some magic!
Other DetailsThe Flusters make their way across North America and are landing at the Yucca Tap Room along with Emby AlexanderCheap Hotels as well as The Real Fits!
This event is 21+ and Free admission
Doors Open at 8pm
Show Starts at 9pm
Booking by Sherpa Music MGMT

When & Where: Tuesday, July 18th, 10pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: House of Stairs is going to release something phenomenal before the end of the year I can feel it in my bones. Literally, I have no idea if they will or not, but it sure feels that way. This may be late enough for me to get in to Lost Leaf and see what the truncated trio version is up to this evening.
Other Details: House of Stairs Trio jams before taking off to Colorado!
Holly Pyle, vox
Garrison Jones, keys
Stephen Avalos, drums

When & Where: Thursday, July 20th, 6pm at Tempe Center for the Arts
Reasons To Attend: They’ve got happy hours all through the weekend, but I’m focusing in on Young’s Modulus here. Check this band out at 6pm and then figure out the next show to go to after that. This is a great primer for what’s becoming the new Friday night every Thursday in the valley.
Other Details: Beat the heat with us at the beautiful Tempe Center for the Arts for the “coolest” Happy Hour around! Come on down, chill, and enjoy some music along Tempe Town Lake. See you then!

When & Where: Thursday, July 2oth, 8pm at Valley Bar
Reasons To Attend: I have a lot to say about this show, but mostly it’s about Young Mothers and you’re going to have to wait for tomorrow or the next day. Zack Toporek is the visionary behind that band and what a band he’s assembled (I mean if your fans of Mergence or Doctor Bones) AND he got Jason Patrick Woodbury out of retirement to dust the cobwebs off of Counsel Bluffs. This is important. Be there.

When & Where: Friday, July 21-22nd, 6pm to Midnightish each night at The Outer Space
Reasons To Attend: You know it’s not that we can’t have nice things, but we can’t even have our shitty, beat up, used things we love either. Where Firehouse Gallery and The Outer Space now stand, soon a Chipotle will take it’s place. I hate Chipotle to begin with, but if I didn’t already I would now. I’ll update this space as I know more than what is listed below.
Other Details: This party is for all of us who have ever enjoyed The Firehouse Gallery orThe Outer Space. Our final large public event featuring artists, bands, poetry, fire, and dance. Come reminisce and make some awesome new memories of the “underground” we had here in Phoenix.
The Chaos System will be in effect for ultimate In Sonic synergy.
Bands to be announced. If you would like to perform, message us with links to your info/and or act.
The gathering starts at 6pm and ends around midnight Friday and Saturday.

When & Where: Friday, July 21st, 7pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: With each passing single The Sink or Swim climb higher in my esteem for their talents as maestros of the eternal hook. This is going to be a fantastic show with a tremendous lineup. Keep an eye (or your ears) on every single one of these bands, even if you can’t make the show. Possibly THE show to see this weekend if you’re starved for new talent that will blow your mind.
Other DetailsThe Sink or Swim performs live at The Rebel Lounge on Friday, July 21st with special guests The Ricky FittsGood Boy DaisyNothing On The Moon!
Doors open at 7pm – show starts at 7:30pm. All ages!
Advance tickets available at Stinkweeds or online at:https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1488171

When & Where: Friday, July 21st, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: SURF man, if you haven’t heard them then you don’t know what the sound of the surf even sounds like. This is the music the ocean and sand would make if it had a guitar and the songwriting chops of Aaron ‘Surf’ Tijerina. They’ve got a fantastic lineup for the whole evening and it’s at The Rogue so you’ll end up staying all night anyway. Chill here and thank me later.
Other Details: We are stoked to announce our new EP “Unifying Ideas ” a collection of works by SURF …the album will be given away for free to the first 10 fans at the show among other gifts and merchandise at the show , We will be sharing the stage with The Apaches , Belinda Esquire Music & The Pychedelephants thank you for all your support and love Phoenix…we’ll see you July 21st !!
The Apaches-9
SURF – 10p
Belinda Esquire music – 11p
The Psychedelephants- 12p

When & Where: Friday, July 21st, 9pm at The Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: Oh, this is going to be so good it drives me crazy. Members of The Stakes, with guests including I-Dee and Camille Sledge??? Amazing. Seriously, this should blow the roof off the damn place.
Other Details: From the creatives of Tempe Art A Goghgogh TAAGG–TAAGG Sessions feat.
Members of The Stakes
Lord Kash
Kevin Phillips
Alan Acosta
Luis Martinez
Guests Truminati Music Group MCs: I-Dee & Eddie Wellz
Vocalist/MC: Camille Sledge
DJs: Kns & 1Period
Art By Haboobs

When & Where: Saturday, July 22nd, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: So Wyves re-recorded a couple songs and you’ve probably already heard the “Jump Into The Water” boogie woogie version, but now we can celebrate the release of the revamped “Bitch Has Got Problems” which is now seeing proper single release. Joining them is a typical stacked lineup that will ensure you have a far out time the entire time.
Other Details: WYVES will be releasing a 7″ Single on White Vinyl of “Bitch Has Got Problems” with “Jump Into The Water (Boogie Woogie)” as a B Side.
45 includes Digital Download.
Joining them will be:
Banana Gun
Vista Kicks
Bear Ghost
and Mind Upside
$10 ADV / $15 DOS / 21+ / Doors at 7:30PM – Show at 8PM

When & Where: Saturday, July 22nd, 9pm at Time Out Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Well, I dig deeply three out of these four bands, so I’m going to assume Dueno is cool as well. Seriously, this is a killer lineup and if you are in Tempe, stay in Tempe and catch this show, plus you can browse at Zia or grab some Dutch Bros. if you get bored of great tunes and drinking.
Other Details: Band details below…
Celebration Guns
Sun System

When & Where: Saturday, July 22nd, 7pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: Well, this should be interesting. All the details below…oooh, Celebrity Cameo Appearances…yep, interesting indeed.
Other DetailsLocal Music & Art Co-op presents this Extreme Entertainment Costume Party celebrating 50 years of Sci-Fi movies with SPECTACULAR VALLEY BANDS, related Live Art Themes, Costume Contest, Classic Movies on screen all night, Gourmet Food, Door Prizes, & Vintage Merchandise & Exhibits. Celebrity Cameo Appearances. Suggested donation at the door.
Good Guy Greg
Drunkn Indian
The Frequency Principle
Minstral Cycle between bands

When & Where: Saturday, July 22nd, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Both Parlor Birds and ExSupermodels are bands I will see some day…I swear…maybe it will be this night or maybe it will be when I give up on trying to make their sets and just pay them to play in my living room. Either way, this is a crazy good show from beginning to end.
Other Details: Doors at 8pm, Cover $7,  21+ because it’s a bar

09:00 Jason Gerardo
10:00 Parlor Birds
11:00 Emily Bell (TX)
12:00 Ex Supermodels

When & Where: Sunday, July 23rd, 8:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: There is a whole lot of information below on why you should love Valley Queen, but I think you should love Foresteater and Dirty Sunset just as much. Plus, if you show up for the local cats, it’s like you get the touring band for free, sort of. This is going to be amazing.
Other DetailsPsyko Steve presents Valley Queen (LA based indie americana rock)with special guests ForesteaterDirty Sunset July 23rd at The Rebel Lounge!
Advance tickets are available at Stinkweeds and online at: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1502021-valley-queen-phoenix/
Valley Queen has blended their bluesy southern rock influences into creating an Americana Indie rock phenomenon that is lighting up stages all across the country. There is nothing more California centric than this band. Valley Queen front woman Natalie Carol leads a band reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and My Morning Jacket with lead vocals evocative of Florence Welch. Their sound brings to mind the soul and power of southern rock combined with inspired and personal lyrics. Over the past year, Valley Queen has been recording tracks for their debut, full-length LP and have played lauded shows at an array of venues, opening for Lucero, LP, Laura Marling and The Wild Reeds, as well as headlining Pappy and Harriet’s in Joshua Tree, the Echo Park Rising Festival and Broke LA Festival in Los Angeles. Within the past year, they have also played a triumphant string of shows at the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon in NYC and SXSW in Austin. They’ve most recently played at Make Music Pasadena, Lightning in a Bottle in California and a Tiny Desk concert at the NPR offices in DC. Valley Queen headlined their first residency series at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles throughtout July to raucous crowds for three consecutive weeks. In August of 2016, the band released the singles “In My Place” and “High Expectations” on Canvasback Music/Atlantic Records to wide acclaim.

When & Where: Sunday, July 23rd, 8:30pm at PPC Crackhaus
Reasons To Attend:
Other Details: Our friend and Colaborator Bitty Vicious passed away. She was in talks with us publishing her art and poetry, and contributed covers for the last two issues of PPC before her death as a result of pneumonia from a suicide attempt. She died knowing she was loved, her efforts valued, and fighting for her life. She passed before completing art for the next Andy Warpigsrelease, which will premier at this party in her honor.
We at Pages Per Content support the mentally ill and suicidal, because life can be a shitty, sucky thing at times. We can come together and poke fun at the bullshit. It doesn’t have to get the better of us. We can make our own way.

Andy Warpigs

When & Where: Monday, July 24th, 9pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: The Upper Strata were once a powerful and mighty local band who are now a powerful and might local band in Portland, I believe or somewhere green where it rains a lot. That said, their new album Neon Glitz is amazing, plus they will be joined by Aaron Church who will sing you sweet Satanic psalms to get you in the acoustic mood, before The Upper Strata blow you away and way before The Bittersweet Way finish out the evening by making your ears bleed. It will be pain that is a pleasure to endure, I assure.
Other Details: The Neon Glitz tour takes us to our old haunt the Rogue.
Aaron Church (acoustic) of Dirt Moon opening
The Upper Strata (electro indie duo from Portland)
The Bittersweet Way closing out the evening.
We will be dragging our LPs all over the place so you will have a chance to grab one.

When & Where: Tuesday, July 25th, 7pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Dominick Provenzano, the man, the myth, the legendary voice behind Day Before Plastics and Old Star is releasing his first solo record and he’s throwing a party to celebrate. Check out the details below and stay tuned for thought on the first single from that EP, “Get Loose.”
Other Details: Dominick Provenzano is releasing his first solo EP featuring all original music on July 25th. He will be performing his new material at The Rebel Lounge joined by Carrie Lynn Van Winkle, Cameron DeGurski, and Korbe Canida.

Doors open at 7, 21+, $12 in advance, $15 at the door. A free copy of the new EP will be given to all that attend.