New Tunes from The Real Fits, Dominick Provenzano, dent and More!

Photo by Katie Ramsey

The Real Fits – “Roadblock”

You can’t accuse The Real Fits of resting on their laurels, that’s for sure. Even in the depths of Arizona Summer, when most musicians hit the Dog Day slump for a month or two, this band just keeps churning out single after single. They’re also playing a fair amount of shows–hell, I just caught them last week for a set at Lost Leaf that sounded damn near magical. They just released “Roadblock” this week and it’s a slow burner that begins with nearly a minute of mesmerizing instrumentation, lulling you at first before the guitar starts tickling your ears, the drums and bass kick in and vocalist Raquel Willard adds the final layer of honey to the whole thing. Alternating, between soft spacey moments and all out indie rock, it’s another fascinating composition. There are two keys to The Real Fits signature sound, one is Willard’s flawless vocal prowess and the other is their quirky and complex arrangements. While one part of your brain can enjoy the lush vocal melodies, the other part can explore the wild rhythms and angular guitars working in strange ways as they weave around each other. Their songs are like pop tapestries for Math rock junkies and that may be why I never find a dull moment when I spend time with the band or their music. Another brilliant tune in The Real Fits impressively burgeoning catalog.


Photo by Hailey Godwin

Dominick Provenzano – “Get Loose”

You probably know Dominick Provenzano as the voice behind Day Before Plastics or Old Star, but now the man is releasing his debut solo record and his voice has never sounded better. Provenzano is one of my favorite vocalists in town and has been for some time. There’s a quality in his voice that I simply love and it’s not something that can be learned or trained, it just comes down to genetics and character. Still, his voice is distinctive that I can pick it out from a distance or when anything he’s worked on come on out of context. “Get Loose” is the first single from the record and it’s a fantastic introduction to a promising record. While it is his first “solo” single, Provenzano has invited a lot of talented friends to make sure it sounds phenomenal, notably Gram Benike on slide guitar and Daniel Byers on piano. Oddly, it doesn’t sound like Day Before Plastics, except maybe for that one single “Wrong” they released at the start of 2015 which didn’t sound like anything they did before or after that. Maybe that’s where this project began, I’m not sure, but for right now I am seriously digging this groove “Get Loose” has got me in. Be sure to catch Dominick Provenzano Tuesday, July 25th, for his EP Release show at The Rebel Lounge where he will be joined by Carrie Lynn Van Winkle, Cameron DeGurski, and Korbe Canida.


dent – “Hi Five”

dent is like my favorite band that rarely puts anything out and it’s practically a holiday on the rare occasions they play. From their debut single in January 2015 to the present day, everything they record reminds me of the mystical quality I found enchanting in the early indie rock records of Sebadoh, Pavement, Archers of Loaf and others. “Hi Five” sounds like the immediate single from their long overdue second EP, tweaker. Only one track on the record dares to exceed three minutes and this one barely makes it past two, but it’s got this post punk groove that just drives me wild. The vocals are mixed into the walls of guitars and noise, so that while they lose all decipherable lyricism, they become the instrument guiding the melodies. Everyone of the new tunes hits my serotonin button in one way or another, but this one just seems perfect in composition and execution. It’s taken two years to get an albums worth of tracks out of this underrated crew, but I welcome anything they’re willing to release with open ears and an open mind. Seriously, if you dig “Hi Five” start at the beginning of the EP and just let the rest of it work its magic. For fans of post punk, no wave, noise rock and shoegaze, the lo-fi sound is alive and well in this town and dent does it better than nearly anyone else.


SURF – “Dandi Lions”

I’m beginning to think that there’s a secret competition in this town to be the most prolific and one of the contenders has to be Aaron “Surf” Tijerina.  If you take a gander at Surf’s bandcamp page the sheer volume of albums, singles, stray tracks and experiments is astounding. Surf is set to release a new EP called Unifying Ideas. “Dandi Lions” is the pre album release single and it’s one of his finest singles to date. It has a lot more guts and grit to it than much of Surf’s previous work, but Tijerina has expanded the band to include more than himself in the lineup and they get down to rocking nowadays. It’s still got the signature guitar sound where Tijerina summons the power of the swells like the goddamn Aquaman of the Sonoran Desert, but there’s more pop and rock elements found here. This notion started to appear on Intentions For Intimacy last year and I’m glad to hear it continue. Much of Surf’s work is best conveyed in feelings and emotion, but this tune has a hook that sticks, and it’s catchy enough to keep my mind occupied with it a week after a solitary listen. Now, I’ve listened to it many times and it still has me baffled that he can come so far in sound and filling out the missing pieces, but still evoke the very taste of the ocean with every note. It’s his trick, I’ll let him have it. If you dig this, check into The Rogue Bar this Friday, July 21st to celebrate the release of Unifying Ideas where he will be joined by The Apaches, Belinda Esquire Music and The Psychedelephants.


Indogen – “Wicked Victim”

Indogen was recently brought to my attention as they are on the cusp of releasing their debut five track EP called The Space Between. I end up listening to a lot of music and not all of it’s my bag, and when I first gave Indogen a listen I wasn’t sure if it was going to be anything I’d dig. Well as soon as the vocals completely kicked my ass I couldn’t stop listening to them. I probably dig surprises like that more than anything else. “Wicked Victim” is one of my favorite tracks on the record because it has a Helmet like aggression to the bass and guitars, while the vocals are perfectly executed, nearly understated, but brilliantly so. There’s almost a bit of early Smashing Pumpkins in the delivery, think of how Billy Corgan sounded on Gish and you get the idea. So, yes, Indogen owes as much to grunge as it probably does to metal and prog rock, but they’ve got a clear idea of what’s innovative and catchy in both of those realms. The more I listen to the record, the more excited I am for its release because this band has some magic going. I’m also looking forward to catching these cats live, but I must say on my first spin of “Wicked Victim” I immediately thought Indogen should book shows with Complicate Simple, because they’ve got a vibe they’re both riding but different grooves on how to do it.