What’s Going Ahhhn…

So, this is late, but I was wrapping up the December issue of JAVA and making preparations for the great Mythical American Holiday Feast, for which I’ll be serving Moroccan and Mediterranean favorites. That said, there are not a lot of shows this week, but they’re all stunners and I’ll take concentrated quality over quantity any day. There were some great shows on Tuesday and I’m sorry for missing shout outs to those shows, but there’s only the now right now, so let’s go and take a look at what’s happening…

When & Where: November 22nd, 4pm at Helio Basin Brewing Co.
Reasons to Attend: By the time you see this, it will already be happening. Sorry about that, the lineup is freaking amazing though…
Other Details: Presented by Bravo – Tip or PayStir It Up Records & Productions and Helio Basin Brewing Co.
Fayuca Rizing Xtra Pale Ale’s first Beer Fest…
Festival de Beer y Musica is a free music and beer fest hosting 9 bands on 2 stages, food, vendors, family activities and ice cold beer!!

All Ages

JAM NOW 5:30

When & Where: Wednesday, November 22, 7pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons to Attend: Killer celebration for a killer band with a killer new album and killer friends to join in the fun.

Pistoleros celebrate their 25th Anniversary with the release of their new record “Silver”!

Joining the party is Dead Hot WorkshopBanana GunAnalog Outlaws + Corey & Nick from Wyves! The fun gets underway early, so come down and hang out with the fam!

When & Where: Wednesday, November 22nd, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons to Attend: So many friends on this bill, but not a single invite…odd. Either way I found this amazing show in my feed and honestly, after some errands this is probably where I’ll be.
Other Details: FANSGIVING with Black Bottom Lighters
Sam Wiley from The Wiley Ones
NAME YOUR OWN PRICE! Proceeds go to benefit UMOM New Day Centers.
at The Rebel Lounge
TIX: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1594456

When & Where: Thursday, November 23rd, 8pm at The Yucca Tap Room
Reasons to Attend: Roughly every other year there’s a great show on Thanksgiving and this is that year and this is that show. I had the holidays too Hologram, but then again I usually work them.
Other Details: A note from I.Am.Hologram.: I was never one for the holidays. I hated them even when I was a kid. The side of the family I grew up with and me, never seemed to click. After my grandmother died, my relationship with my family did as well. My disdain for holidays grew worse.

Through the years, I have softened up my stance on things like holidays. Why should we not celebrate and get together?

I’ve spent holidays in all kinds of ways. Working, in the Army, alone, high, drunk, suicidal, dancing on bar tables, you get the point. Some were great and some others are not worth mentioning. My favorite have been in the years since leaving the Army. I found a few orphans to start hanging out with and it made me feel better. One particular 4th of July, I was having a shitty time, and a dude with no real home rolled up on his bike and asked if we had a grill so he could cook us all food. He just wanted to share with people and make people happy for the holiday. That really touched my heart and made me becoming more grateful of things in life.

For the past few years, I have ended up with shows on Thanksgiving and X Mas Eve. Usually at the Yucca Tap Room. This year I figured why the fuck not? So if you don’t like the holidays, if you’re feeling alone, or just need to get the fuck out and get weird, this is your place. I can guarantee the vibes will be beautiful. You will see people of all varieties hanging out talking to everybody. Even the creepy dude in the back is not so creepy. He’s probably on acid. And if he moves, he might just melt into the cracks in the floor and slip into another universe.

The lineup so far:

I Am Hologram
Manifest Sound

When & Where: Friday, November 24th, 7:30pm at 4132 E McDowell Rd #7
Reasons to Attend: No Parents are visiting from LA and they have amazing local support. Nanami Ozone, Dadadoh + the POC and apparently the rumors of Sonoran Chorus’ demise were great exaggerated, because they’ll be there too! This is fantastic!
Other Details: Friday, November 24th // 8:00 at The Lunchbox // $7
No Parents (LA)

Nanami Ozone

Dadadoh and the POC

Sonoran Chorus (back from the dead with a new drummer boy)

flyer: Naman Nanda (@nuhmun)
photo: Terry Hurst (@bigslumming)

When & Where: Friday, November 24th, 8pm at Valley Bar
Reasons to Attend: House of Stairs! There Is Danger!!! That’s all you need to know really to get your ass to Valley Bar for this awesome charity series. We should have more parties with a purpose in this town.
Other Details: Party With A Purpose: Black Friday Edition!
DJ Vex / House of StairsThere Is Danger / Soul Remainders
FREE // 21+
Every Friday Night at 10pm, we PARTY WITH A PURPOSE at Valley Bar! We humbly accept a $3 donation from community members, with 100% of the profits being donated to a different monthly partner humanitarian organization.
November’s Party With A Purpose Partner is the International Rescue Committee (IRC) – specifically to aid the genocide currently taking place in Myanmar.
An outbreak of violence in Myanmar has spurred a massive refugee crisis, forcing more than 500,000 terrified Rohingya refugees to flee to Bangladesh. IRC helps provide vital and ongoing support to refugee families. They are in Myanmar and Bangladesh providing as many families as possible with water, food security, protection, and health care. https://help.rescue.org/donate
*An extra friendly LGBTQ event.

When & Where: Saturday, November 25th, 3pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons to Attend: Super cool matinee show if you don’t think it’s kind of weird to hang out at Rebel when its daytime. I mean the idea freaks me out a bit, but I’ll probably be there. Also, this is an insane lineup for a matinee!
Other Details: The Rebel Lounge presents….
An All Ages Matinee Show featuring:

Dirty Sunset

Advance tickets available online at: http://ticketf.ly/2xzCEWL

When & Where: Saturday, November 25th, 7pm at 2431 E Van Buren St, Phoenix
Reasons to Attend: Noise is where it’s at this year and I couldn’t love it more. I’ve needed noise shows just to maintain my sanity this year and escape traditional structures and confines for aural bliss. I highly recommend it.
Other Details: Number 08! Second round at Bedlam PHX in the new warehouse space, and on Thanksgiving Weekend! People seem up to give it a go, so let’s see how it goes down!
Come out to a warehouse and listen to some crazy sounds being made on all kinds of instruments… We’ll bring noise and melody, lights, and altered states!
Event is free, but donations are always welcome, especially for the performers, and doubly especially for the guy who moves The Chaos System out to the venue!
Format at usual:
7 – 8:30/9 Main acts
8:30/9 – 10 Open Mic
10 – 11 Jam Session
All times are flexible, acts to be announced, stay tuned!
–[lists of artists and such]–
Main acts:
Solypsis – industrial from Denver and Phoenix. https://componentrecordings.bandcamp.com/track/kaiju-sludge-garamon-mix-by-cevin-key-mixed-by-ken-hiwatt-marshall-2

Octaveplex – I bet it’ll be impressive synthwork since it’s Cameron, but I know nothing more.

I Am Hologram – experimental local blend of guitars and machines.http://iamhologram.com/#music

Open Mic:
Don said he’s coming back with some Casual Alien. Who is else coming? Post to the event. I’ll ramble about you here too if you’d like.

When & Where: Saturday, November 25th, 7pm at 4404 S La Corta Dr, Tempe
Reasons to Attend: I was having a really cool conversation the other week with Josh John from dent, because every conversation with Josh is a cool one, but in this case he brought up a new project with members of dent and Twin Ponies and apparently they are tentatively calling themselves Tripaw’d as they had no name when we were talking. The point is that they along with pcych maestros Strange Lot and The Railguards will be throwing a show for Frankie and the Witch Fingers from LA.
Other DetailsFrankie and the Witch Fingers (from LA) are headed to Tempe!
Catch them on Saturday, November 25th with special guests…

Tripaw’d (members of dentTwin Ponies)
The Railguards

“West Coast screamers Frankie and the Witch Fingers trade on a tradition built up from the very fabric of psychedelic soul. Shot through with the same melted juke jitters that sent Doug Sahm, The 13th Floor Elevators and The Pretty Things scratching through the record needles of every child indebted to the vibrational cathedral, the L.A. crew comes barreling into 2017 with their own brand of heatstroke mojo. The band’s latest, Brain Telephone, is an acid bath for the soul delivered in pulsating waves via fuzz guitar. It’s an electric jolt to the endocrine system, shaking the last dregs of reluctance out of your system and inducing bouts of dance euphoria.” – Andy French

When & Where: Saturday, November 25th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons to Attend: Awesome hip hop show on Saturday at The Trunk Space. Check out the links below and dig on the grooves. Also Hesperus has this new record that’s going to blow your fucking mind wide open, in case you were on the fence.
Other Details: Trunk Space presents: PHX Hip Hop Vol 5!Featuring the wonderful talents of:

Prophetiko - https://soundcloud.com/prophetiko/2prophetiko-apology-ft-huni

Syrin - https://soundcloud.com/syrinsings/idk

Jalopy Bungus - https://soundcloud.com/mr-bungus/no-name-4

Unorthodocks - https://soundcloud.com/unorthodocks/snow

Hesperus - https://soundcloud.com/hesperustheband/lost-in-thought-promo

All Ages. $6. 11/25/2017. 7PM

When & Where: Saturday, November 25th, 7pm at The Yucca Tap Room
Reasons to Attend: If you’re in Tempe on Saturday you may want to stay there and head to Yucca Tap Room around 7pm…this lineup is completely amazing, Manic Monkeys are releasing their new record and wow, just wow is this fantastic!!!
Other Details: Manic Monkeys new Album Release party. $8 cover, includes cd
Set times
730-8 Carol and Andy
8-845 Painting Fences
845-9 Exploding Oranges
9-945 Dirty Sunset
945-1010 Page
1015-1130 Manic Monkeys
1130 Lawn Chair
1230 Captive Cooks

When & Where: Saturday, November 25th, 8pm at Valley Bar
Reasons to Attend: Free show at Valley Bar with The Darts, Shovel and Escobar…well, holy hell that’s great.
feat. LIVE sets by The Darts – US + Escobar + Shovel
FREE in the Music Hall
The Dirty Water Club is a long-running (in a town where most tend to be short-lived) London club night featuring bands influenced by 1960s garage punk. It was named after The Standells’ 1966 hit single “Dirty Water”.
The club night started in October 1996 in the Tufnell Park neighbourhood of north London, at a venue called The Boston (The Standells’ hit glorifies the U.S. city of Boston, Massachusetts). It hosted weekly live performances.
Past performers have included The White Stripes, The Fleshtones, Billy Childish (of Thee Headcoats, The Buff Medways, and The Musicians of the British Empire), The Woggles, The Von Bondies, The Dirtbombs, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The′s, The Horrors, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Radio Birdman to name just a few. The club has also seen some original 1960s performers, such as The Monks, Kim Fowley, GONN and Sky Saxon of The Seeds, grace its stage.

When & Where: Saturday, November 25th, 9pm at The Grid, Mesa
Reasons to Attend: This show is all about up and comers making noise and doing their thing. Check out the lineup at this peculiar venue.
Other Details: We have a great line-up featuring:
Birth of Monsters
General Anxiety
Honey Danger and the I 10 Shooters
And Real Beat Sugar will spin between sets

$5 COVER, 21 and Over

When & Where: Saturday, November 25th, 8pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons to Attend:
Other Details: A free show of Onus Recording artists celebrating the release of the new Broken Poets CD and being midway point between Thanksgiving and whatever other secular holiday you plan to ride the year out on.

8:30 Wayward Sun
9:00 Broken Poets
(performing new Onus CD “Forever Once Already” in its
entirety, with Curtis Grippe on drums)
10:30 Breakup Society
(last show with guitarist Jason McGraw, performing selections
from their upcoming Onus CD)
11:45 San Jacinto Death Row Prison Band
(performing songs from the new Serene Dominic CD and
upcoming musical “Dark Lullaby”)

✓ Arizona Beers& Wines Arizona Beers & Wines
✓ Happy Hour Daily Open-7P
✓ All Shows Free (21+ Only Always)
✓ Artist Owned and Operated
✓ Lots of Beers,Wines,Sakes
Lambics, Ciders, Meads
✓ Organic Brews & Wines
✓ Gluten Free Beers & Ciders
✓ 100% of Art Sales go to artist
✓ Live Music Nightly

When & Where: Monday, November 27th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons to Attend: This is Monday. This is a lineup for a off the hook Saturday night. There is no reason for you to avoid the absolute amazing show that awaits you attention at Rebel on Monday. No reason. Call in dead on Tuesday if you have to, seriously.
Other DetailsExploding In Sound Records artist Bethlehem Steel is touring in support of their latest album “Party Naked Forever” – catch them live at The Rebel Lounge on November 27th with Twin PoniesWillettaShallow!

Advance tickets available at Stinkweeds and online at:http://bit.ly/bethlehemphx

Poster by Anthony Eslick (anthonyeslick.com)

When & Where: Tuesday, November, 28th, 9pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Andrew Duncan Brown was a friend of mine and his death will bother me for the rest of my days. Please join us at the Rogue Bar to celebrate our missing angel’s birthday. It’s a great lineup to celebrate the memory of one of the most talented young men I ever encountered in my life.
Other Details: We put together a great line-up for our Friend Andrew Duncan Brown‘s Birthday this year. We hope you can join us for a special Tuesday Night.KorbeThe Woodworks, and the Dirty Rascals will play, and a closing set from Goetta. $5.00 cover ATD