What’s Going Ahhhn…

I went to a show around this time last week and I’ve been dreadfully ill ever since. My hopes is that I get better and can make it to any number of amazing shows on the roster below, because it’s a great way to send off November and welcome December as we count down the remaining days of 2017: The Year. Or we’re counting down to Christmas, or Yule or Hanukkah or any festival of lights you want to choose that hearken back to the days of the Old Gods and the realization that the darkest day of the year had passed. So onward gently confused soldiers toward music and mirth and the non-denominational joy of an pleasurable pattern of friction on your ear drums…

When & Where: Thursday, November 30th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: Hesperus is releasing their debut album and I’m holding my thoughts on that until the January JAVA, but trust me it’s going to be a great show, plus a flawless lineup and it’s at The Trunk Space.
Other Details: Hesperus is proud to release their debut album, Dark Corners In My Circle!
To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have gathered some of the most electrifying live acts in the Valley for a night that will surely go down in the books as one of experimental ingenuity and alchemic perfection.
Joining us are:
Dadadoh & the P.o.C
Nick Perkins Band
The Color 8
We will have cassettes (with download codes) of our new album, as well as shirts!
This event is all ages.

When & Where: Thursday, November 30th, 7pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: TOSO is kicking off a tour and they are giving us two dates to catch the action this week, remember though, no two TOSO sets are the same and you may want to complete the entire set. You also have The Smiling Faces who are amazing and who I haven’t seen in ages. Add to that Beach Breaks, a new Phoenix group who no one seems to have heard of but they have cool friends and maybe poor marketing skills, but they’ve got surf vibes and this town fucking loves surf vibes. So this should be cool.
Other Details: TOSO is kicking off a Cali tour with some brand new tunes available at this show only! Joining them on this ecclectic evening journey into terminal psychedelia are:
The Smiling Faces (www.facebook.com/smilingfacesmusic/)
-Mind-melting psych grooves that will move your shoes
Beach Breaks (www.facebook.com/beachbreaksband/)
-Kowabunga-surf vibes that will tantalize your ears and eyes

When & Where: Thursday, November 30th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: AHHHHHHHHHHH…a Nerdzerker show, which there aren’t enough of these days or really, ever. Also Skink, a band from Tucson and a band actually from the depths of Hell…should be a good time. I used to joke about never showing up at Yucca early, but they’ve got really great food now, so show up early and stay late.
Other Details: Band details below…


Skink (from Planet 4)

Whispering Wires (from Tuscon)

godspeedball (from the depths of hell)

When & Where: Friday, December 1st, 6pm at Bedlam
Reasons To Attend: That fucking flyer is Bedlam, but I’m guessing that’s the point. It will be First Friday, it will be near the downtown bustle, it will be weirder and artsier. From what I can discern, Snailmate, The Psychedelephants and I.Am.Hologram will be there, which is really enough. There will be other crazy shit going down for sure.
Other Details: 2017′s Final First Friday presented by Pan Productions, brings you a night of crazy creativity in Bedlam!
Come join us and welcome back those nut balls from Snailmate, as they return from tour to party hard and showcase their insane abilities!
The Psychedelephants will be psychdelephanting up a mess as classy as only true psychdelephants can.
I Am Hologram will be masterfully expressing his emotions with his unique abilities and intense musical styling.
Dagger Pan will also be performing with his crushing poetic musical melodies.
The Chaos System will be bringing the sound, and you know what that means!
Check out art work by Tato Caraveo and Bedlam’s own residents, and get lost in the upstairs labyrinth of the deepest corners of our minds! With 3 performance areas, and a ton of room to play and be twisted, we welcome you to be creative, inspired, and out of control.
JAM Tram will be helping you get to and from the event safely, with pick ups and drops off near Lost Leaf off 5th Street and Roosevelt. Pick up times will be at 7pm, 9pm and 11pm, with return trips from Bedlam, the last return trip at midnight. We highly recommend securing your spot on the Jam Tram by contacting us for a reservation.
Bedlam will be providing refreshments and snacks throughout the evening for purchase to feed your hungry little minds.

This an all ages event, and is a great place to play with all your mischievous friends and interesting strangers.
If you would like to perform, vend, or volunteer please send us a message. There is plenty of space for everyone to show off their crazy creativity.
With more musical acts to be announced, along with comedy and performance art, there will be $5 presale tickets available (The link is above, fees apply) and just $10 at the door, for a full night of heart pounding, dance inducing entertainment! If the link above isn’t working you can go here:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2017s-final-first-friday-with-snailmate-and-exxxtra-crispy-tickets-39781484491

When & Where: Friday, December 1st, 7pm at the Volstead Public House, Mesa
Reasons To Attend: If you want to see some magic in Mesa, this is the real deal. First of all, I didn’t even know Bearistotle played shows, I just listen to the record hoping for a sequel, but the Bear will be there and kicking things of for Divided Haven along with Jon Watkins and Ghost In The Willow for a night of cozy acoustic comfort. This should be super cool and super chill.
Other Details: Divided Heaven from Los Angeles, CA returns to Mesa, AZ for an intimate acoustic performance featuring Ghost In The Willow, Jon Watkins and Bearistotle.
730-8 Bearisotle
810-840 Jon Watkins
850-925 Divided Heaven
935-10 GITW

All ages, bar with ID.

When & Where: Friday, December 1st, 8pm at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: If the December issue of JAVA hits newsstands in time, you can read about the new Sun System EP before realizing you need to be at this show which features support from Citrus Clouds, Celebration Guns and Panic Baby (FKA The Real Fits)…Yeah, that lineup is local solid gold.
Other Details: Sun System EP Release Show – We’re so excited to formally invite you! Family, friends, friends of friends… family friends of friends. EVERYONE.
Speaking of friends, we’ll be joined by ours:
Citrus Clouds
Celebration Guns (in conjuction with Lumberjerk Records)
Panic Baby
SPECIAL GUEST: Chet Manley of Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds!
Doors open at 7:30 PM, showtime is at 8PM… get there early and hang with all of us! It’s going to be an incredible night of music & people – you WILL NOT want to miss out.
Spread the word – we’re more than happy to celebrate with all of you!

When & Where: Friday, December 1st, 7pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Here’s a little secret, Doug Preston’s new album is amazing. I won’t get to discussing it fully until January, but it’s a great record and this is going to be an amazing evening at The Rogue.
Other Details: Record Release show for Doug Preston’s new album “Up Until Now” featuring performances by Doug Preston with Scattered Melodies, Shawn Johnson & The Foundation, The Bittersweet Way, and Jesse Nova and the Second Line (San Diego, CA). $10 dollar admission includes CD copy of “Up Until Now”.

When & Where: Friday, December 1st, 9pm at Bonus Round
Reasons To Attend: I like this lineup quite a bit, but what is with genre bending, joy inducing lineups like this showing up in arcades? Just curious. You’ve got some noise, some punk, some hip hop, something for everyone really. Check out the links and you’ll hear what the future sounds like.
Other Details: Band Details below…
She’s Revoltinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o9vU9klpWk&feature=youtu.be


General Anxietyhttps://soundcloud.com/generalanxiety666/sets/self-harm-ep

Dadadoh and the POC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3f9Gexl8Dk


When & Where: Saturday, December 2nd, Noon at The Pressroom
Reasons To Attend: I’m not real cool with anything that happened surrounding the closing of Alice Cooperstown, at all, but I am pretty cool with most of the bands here, so we’ll celebrate them in a completely different venue mourning the loss of a poorly managed one, apparently. Anyway, I took the two photos of each stages lineup and made it one damn thing so you could see all the talent and there is kind of a flyer.
Other Details: As many of you know, the world famous Alice Cooperstown has closed it’s doors without much of a warning so we are throwing one final bash to celebrate the 19 years of service the venue provided to the Phoenix area! This is going to be a once in a lifetime event you will not want to miss! Because of how large the venue is, this will only be an 18 and up show. Tickets can be purchased for $15 through the Bravo – Tip or Pay App or $20 at the door! You can download the app through the Google Play Store or itunes on your mobile device. Just search “Alice Cooperstown Farewell Festival” We will be hosting two stages, one sponsored by Guitar Center and the other by Lyft!

When & Where: Saturday, December 2nd, 8pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: Victor’s birthday parties at Pho Cao are always a blast and this year will be no exception. It is a rock solid lineup from beginning to end, add to that amazing food and drink and you’ve got a one stop shop for your all of your evening needs.
Other Details: It’s that time of the year again—we come together to celebrate Victor ‘s birthday. You can imagine all the fun that this party will bring when there’s an awesome lineup of local favorites including Banana Gun, Sara Robinson Band, Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers and Callie Young. Birthday cake and some delicious drinks will be available throughout the night. Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to rock!

Here are the official set times:
Callie Young at 8pm
Sara Robinson Band at 9pm
Banana Gun at 10pm
Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers at 11pm.
With the very special guest for special lighting effects by Bobby G Entertainment.
Everyone is welcome. Party starts at 8pm.

When & Where: Saturday, December 2nd, 8pm at Time Out Lounge
Reasons To Attend: I can only vouch for Painting Fences and Second Go! here, but I love the names of both Overpriced America, because accuracy and Jawmbley, because that’s something I used to say stoned. This is a killer high energy show, so prepare for that low ceiling, get some earplugs and let yourself go.
Other Details: Set times and band details below…
Jawmbley 8:30 – 9
Second Go! 9:15 – 9:45
Overpriced america 10 – 10:45
Painting Fences 11 – 11:45

PAINTING FENCES: https://soundcloud.com/painting-fences
OVERPRICED AMERICA: https://soundcloud.com/overpricedamerica
SECOND GO!: https://soundcloud.com/secondgoaz
JAWMBLEY: https://soundcloud.com/jawmbley

When & Where: Saturday, December 2nd, 9pm at The Grand
Reasons To Attend: Wait. I can get coffee wasted and catch three bands I love in town??? I love the coffee at The Grand, I love The Grand for that matter and I really, really dig Lawnchair, The Edisons and Sedan Sedan.
Other Details: It’s cooling off in the valley so you have no excuse not to put on your best jacket/scarf combo and enjoy the nightlife. Downtown Phoenix is being treated to a wonderful evening of local indie rock with Lawnchair, The Edisons, and Sedan Sedan playing an outdoor set at The Grand. This show is FREE and for ALL AGES. Dance, sing, and shoegaze with us then go tell your friends about these new bands they probably aren’t cool enough to have found just yet.

When & Where: Saturday, December 2nd, 9pm at LBX (New location for The Lunchbox)
Reasons To Attend: I need to check what the hell I was doing in February when Snake Heart Society sent me their album, because I just found it, then checked my messages and for some reason thought I was still waiting for it, so yeah, that’s my  bad. This is, however, their live debut, along with a lot of amazing talent packed into one night at LBX. You can check out the links below and find your own reasons to attend, me, I’m going to listen to an album I’ve had for nine months that I was still waiting for until I realized my mistake an hour ago.
Other Details: Nu/flesh & The Lunchbox Present:
Indie Electronic/Dark-Pop

LANA DEL RABIES [Deathbomb Arc] [PHX]

LOVE AND THE VOID [Join The Abuse] [PHX]

Entry: $8
Doors: 9:30
All Ages Event

When & Where: Sunday, December 3rd, 7pm at The Lunchbox (New location for LBX)
Reasons To Attend: TOSO teams up with Sun Conscious and Zero Degrees North on this occasion and the results will be amazing as always. The instructions below are easy to follow.
Other Details: ALL AGES / $5 Entry / Doors at 7p / Show at 8p
TOSO is finishing off a Cali tour with some brand new tunes available at this show only! Joining them on this ecclectic evening journey into the kindled cosmos are:

Sun Conscious (www.facebook.com/pg/sunconscious/)
-Shimmering tones that awaken the soul and warm the bones

Zero Degrees North (www.facebook.com/zerodegreesnorth/)
-Hyponotizing, energizing warriors against society’s roboticizing

When & Where: Sunday, December 3rd, 9pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Sarah Chapman has been attending to her solo record so this is a rare appearance for Ghost Cat Attack, Treasurefruit are preparing some new singles for your ears before the end of the year, North By North are supposedly from Chicago, but they are on a never ending tour that passes through here once a season and Dirty Sunset just put out their debut album that rocks my socks. Yeah, it’s gonna’ be a good night.
Other Details: Band Details below…
Ghost Cat Attack


North By North (Chicago, IL)

Dirty Sunset

When & Where: Monday, December 4th, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Genre went into hiding this year and this is the first sign of life. They’ve pared back down to the core duo, but they will have friends there, I’m not sure if they are real friends or purchased one or if they mean other musicians. It’s all very confusing, but it’s in the lounge and it’s FREE.
Other Details: GENRE & FRIENDS {Live in the Lounge}
Join PHX rockers Genre & special friends for an intimate performance in the lounge at Crescent Ballroom!

When & Where: Tuesday, December 5th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: Why is this here? Because this is where I want to be next Tuesday, because I can’t get enough of any of these bands in my life ever. Seriously. This is going to be great. Ancient Egypt, Snailmate, Exxxtra Crispy and BERT for fucking free??? You should have to pay a dollar every time you think about one of those bands, much less get blessed to see them. Be grateful.
Other Details: Stunning lineup below…

Ancient Egypt – 9PM
Exxxtra Crispy – 11PM