What’s Going Ahhhn…

Happy New Year to All and most especially the music freaks. The New Year is ramping up slowly, but what do you expect when it starts on a Monday? The good news is there are nearly a dozen shows of note and most of them are on Saturday. It’s the when it rains it pours for that lone isolated day of the weekend that promises total freedom for most nine to fivers. Let’s get down to the live local music inside the first week of 2018!

When & Where: Thursday, January 4th, 9pm at LBX (The Lunchbox)
Reasons to Attend: I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing show. Check out the links below the set times where you can indulge in the sounds of every band. If you want to check out my thoughts on General Anxiety’s debut Self-Harm EP, pick up the January issue of JAVA Magazine.
Other Details: We are very excited about this lineup. All Female/Femme/LGBTQ Fronted Acts. DOORS AT 8PM.

Trash Mullet- 9PM
It’s Embarrassing- 9:45PM
General Anxiety- 10:30PM
Honey Danger and the I 10 Shooters- 11:15PM


Of course as most shows go, the times tend to be flexible. See you there!!!

Trash Mullet:

It’s Embarrassing:

General Anxiety:

Honey Danger and the I 10 Shooters:

$6 dollar cover. ***ALL AGES***

When & Where: Thursday, January 4th at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons to Attend: Uh, this is a huge deal on a Thursday night. Hell, this is what should pack houses on a Friday or Saturday. SVT, KYTV, JJCnV and HB??? They could have probably charged more for this.
Other Details: Advance tickets are just $5 at the link: https://www.therebellounge.com/event/1613002
Scorpion vs. Tarantula
Kill Your TV
Heavy Breather
Doors open at 7pm
Show starts at 8pm
Poster by Anthony Eslick - http://anthonyeslick.com/

When & Where: Friday, January 5th, 7pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons to Attend: It’s Manny’s birthday and that man has been hustling for the local music scene as long I have so this will be my destination Friday evening, the lineup is killer even if you’ve never heard of of Ali and the Agency, I assure you the entire evening has been curated for quality, chaos and confusion, but mostly with a lot of fun in mind. It is to be hoped that Manny will take the stage and play that Shins song and the other tunes we love to hear him do every year. Seriously, if you aren’t aware, Manny has the voice of an angel.
Other Details: Set times below…Food Drinks Surprises
07:30 Treasurefruit
08:20 Ancient Egypt
09:10 Ali and the Agency
10:00 Citrus Clouds
10:50 TOSO
11:40 Bad Funk
12:30 The Bittersweet Way

When & Where: Friday, January 5th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons to Attend: This is a stunner of a surprise lineup that feels like old times at a different bar. Playboy Manbaby, The Limit Club and Lawnchair??? FREE??? Fuck all. I just saw Lawnchair on New Year’s Eve and I already want to see them again.
Other Details: Band details below…



8PM // 21+ ONLY // FREE SHOW!

When & Where: Saturday, January 6th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons to Attend: It seems I have some homework to do because I’ve never heard  of A Blackbird En Route, I mean other than an actual blackbird en route. This is a killer lineup and I would recommend you catch Tripaw’d which features members of Twin Ponies and dent! Check out the links to the tunes below.
Other Details: KALI MASI is on tour from Chicago! Locals Strelitzia, A Blackbird En Route, and Tripaw’d will also be playing as local support!

Kali Masi (IL) https://kalimasi.bandcamp.com/

Adult Feelings adultfeelings.bandcamp.com

Strelitzia https://strelitzia.bandcamp.com/

A Blackbird En Route https://ablackbirdenroute.bandcamp.com/track/it-sounds-like-heaven-to-me


When & Where: Saturday, January 6th, 8pm at Valley Bar
Reasons to Attend: If you want to get your funk on, Saturday night I would head directly to Valley Bar for the best this Valley has to offer in that regard. I only have one song to go on when it comes to Alassane, but this one amazing song right HERE.
Other Details: Hello 2018!!! You ready to get funky?!?!
Join us in the music hall for an ALL-NIGHT saturday night throw-down of epic proportions!
$5A $8DOS 21+

Jerusafunk: The local purveyors of Klezmer Funk! You’d think you stepped into a Jewish wedding driven by lysergic love. Babushkas nationwide approve, and you will too.

STIG: Traditional funk with all the fixins, must like your momma likes it! Originating from Phoenix, the five-piece Jazz/Funk ensemble now resides in Boston, and have built up quite a name for themselves nation wide! And now they return to Phoenix so their friends and family can get down!!

Alassane: Contemporary art rock brought to you from the heart of Greg Diarra

When & Where: Saturday, January 6th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons to Attend: I don’t know who The Macks are but, they have some fantastic local support that’s for sure. TOSO, Ghost Cat Attack and Desert Beats is one hell of a lineup on its own. TOSO is always an experience, Ghost Cat Attack will have Jake Paxton (Hostile Work Environment) on lead guitar and Desert Beats will get you in the groove with their psychedelic desert rock.
Other Details: Portland band The Macks are on tour supporting their debut album CAMP POPPA, out December 20. With locals TOSO, Ghost Cat Attack, and Desert Beats!

When & Where: Saturday, January 6th, 8pm at Chopper John’s
Reasons to Attend: Mill’s End, Shawn Johnson and Roadkill Wranglers will tear the roof off Chopper John’s Saturday night and that’s going to be a hell of a time had by all! Not sure if Shawn is bringing The Foundation with him, but he is a singular talent who can command the stage with or without a band.
Other Details: Jeff and Keith’s Bday bash with Mill’s End, Shawn Johnson and Roadkill Wranglers. Festivities begin around 8 at Chopper Johns

When & Where: Saturday, January 6th, 8pm at Bonus Round
Reasons to Attend: I caught Ancient Egypt on New Year’s Eve and demanded they play “Canned Food.” You should do the same at Bonus Round on Saturday. This is your second chance to catch Honey Danger this week and your only chance to experience Sun Conscious.
Other Details: LIVE and DIRECT from Phoenix’s best barcade, Bonus Round, comes a night of music and fun featuring some of the Valley’s best sun-drenched rock.
Performances by:
Ancient Egypt
Honey Danger and the I 10 Shooters
Sun Conscious
Bring your friends!

When & Where: Sunday, January 7th, 6pm at Club Red, Mesa
Reasons to Attend: This lineup excites me because I only know one artist in the entire lineup, so I’ve got more homework to do. The artist I do know, Callie Young, is one of the most promising young talents in the Valley and I’ve been keeping tabs on her music since the first time I saw her live. Want to check out amazing new talent, take a drive out to Mesa on Sunday.
Other DetailsThe Final Five AgencyGirls Behind The Rock Show Present:
All Ages/ $10 adv/ $15 DOS/ Doors at 6pm
Tickets: https://www.prekindle.com/promo/id/24898849292641499
Suppertime Band
Callie Young
Midnight Robbery
Above It All
Quiet, Please.
Hale- https://soundcloud.com/hellishhale
more bands TBA
lineup and set times subject to change
Helping young women get their start in the music industry. Want to get involved? Check us out here: https://girlsbtrs.com/

When & Where: Sunday, January 7th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons to Attend: Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers and Manic Monkeys at The Lost Leaf to finish out the weekend? Yes, please! What a great way to make the weekend even greater.
Other Details: Band details below…
Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers @ 9 pm
Manic Monkeys @ after CPHS
No Cover. 21+