JAVA Magazine Archives

Here are the links to the all of the articles I’ve written In JAVA over the last four years:

December 2011

Kongos Konquering Kontinents
Sounds Around Town (Top Twenty 2011, Sundawg Records, BLATHO, Decker., Puscifer, Sister Cities)

November 2011

Extreme Musical Bliss: Kinch Releases The Incandenza
Sounds Around Town (Peachcake, Future Loves Past, The Dellinger Feist, PAWL, French Quarter, Beatles Night At The Rogue)

October 2011

The Vanjacks Present Seven Of Everyone: Under The  Radar
Sounds Around Town (Dearspeak, Meat Puppets, Apache Lake, Kongos, Kinch, Dale Bozzio)

September 2011

Andrew Jackson Jihad: Sunny Tales Of Dark Desolation

July/August 2011

The Whisperlights-Just Scratching The Surfaces
Sounds Around Town-Summer Jams (Dearspeak, Small Leaks Sink Ships, Snow Songs)

June 2011

Sun Ghost-The Joy of Love, Hurt & Paradox

May 2011

KNESSET-Bring On The Beautiful Noise
Sounds Around Town-Here Comes The Summer

April 2011

MERGENCE-Sailing Away With Those Vibrant Young People Are Dead

March 2011

American Sabor: Vibrant Latin Flavor Come To The MIM
Family Portraits: Calm Mutiny-Dry River Yacht Club Return

February 2011

Sounds Around Town: The Great EP Revival
Mass Transit Rocks: Valley Metro Merges Music, Business and Technology

January 2011

Lisa Savidge: Drive Into Another Day

December 2010

Singles Going Steady
This Ain’t No Soul Revival: Looking Forward With Black Carl

November 2010

Sounds Around Town: Four Local Labels To Keep Your Ear On
Ree Boado’s Pretty Little Flies

October 2010

Cosmic Quantum Americana: Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl’s Children Of Fortune

September 2010

Gauche Et Droite - The Necronauts’ Monolithic Masterpiece

July/August 2010

Summer Sunshine And A Dream: Bloom Cheek by What Laura Says

June 2010

Tobie Milford: A Genius Among Us

May 2010

Dearspeak Speaks Dearly About Unspeakable Things

April 2010

Beauty And Madness In Synthesis: Kirkwood Dellinger Goes Gold!

March 2010

The Green Lady Killers Are Absolutely Fine

February 2010

Of Innocence, Experience and Polar Bears: Fatigo unleashes Diego

January 2010

SMoCA Presents: Rewind-Remix-Replay Design, Music and Everyday Experience
New Year, New Decade, New Music

December 2009

2009: The Year In Music

November 2009

Dry River Yacht Club Proudly Unveil The Ugliest Princess

October 2009

Now Hear This
When In AZ…Listen To The Music!!!

September 2009

The New Psychedelic Messiahs: Kirkwood Dellinger Blow Your Mind In Time and Space

July/August 2009

Lost In Translation: British Bands Unable To Land Stateside

June 2009

Free Sushi Records: More Than A Label

May 2009

Summer Concerts Guaranteed To Beat The Heat

April 2009

Coachella 2009 Reaches Even Higher Ground

March 2009

What’s The Frequency-Radio Phoenix Brings Community Radio To The Valley

February 2009

Strange Love In Alternative Music

January 2009

Greenwich-The Local Dynamic Duo Of Acoustic Folk

December 2008

Beck’s Dark Masterpiece: Modern Guilt

November 2008

How Can You Not Love The Love Me Nots

July/August 2008

Islands In The Sun

June 2008

Beautiful Losers: The Replacements Remastered

May 2008

The Rolling Stones Shine A Light On You

April 2008

Coachella 2008: A Holiday In The Sun

March 2008

Colorstore Presents Bonefish: The Legend Of Mahogany Cass

February 2008

Pete Doherty: The Man Who Might Save Rock’n'Roll

January 2008

2007 In Review: One Of The Great Years In Music

December 2007

He Was The DJ, He Was What He Played: John Peel Remembered

November 2007

Anarchy Forever: Punk Turns 30, Part Two

October 2007

Anarchy Yesterday And Today: Punk Turns 30, Part One

September 2007

Now Hear This  (Due to an editing error this article was credited to William Reed)
The King Is Dead, Long Live The King: Elvis’ Legacy Thrives 30 Years Later

July/August 2007

Sending Away The Tiger: The Manic Street Preachers’ Triumphant Return

June 2007

Scotch Rocks! What’s In The Water In Scotland?

May 2007

A Brave New Rave: Taking Rock Back To The Dance Floor

April 2007

The Runaway American Dream: Finding Inspiration In The Boss and Born To Run